Sunday, 10 November 2013

Loosing It By Cora Carmack

Loosing It

Bliss Edwards thinks, no, she knows she is the last virgin standing. So when she goes out to get the problem over and done with. 
That is until her plan goes wrong and ends up walking into her class to see her new hot British Professor is the one she left in bed not eight hours earlier...... 

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were easy to picture and you could relate to them. They was written to be something us readers no we will never see in the real world, but as people we would generally meet at college. 
 I liked Bliss from the beginning, she was kind, caring, funny and just generally lovable. 
I wasn't so keen on her friends, especially her best friend Kelsey, i hated the way she made Bliss feel when she announced she was a virgin. It was like the girl was carrying a STI and needed to go get rid straight away. I didn't understand why people make a big deal out if it, like its something that shouldn't be there. You can only experience loosing it once and i felt Bliss was rushing into it. Then i think all this is what made the book so enjoyable, i couldn't even tell you how many times it had me laughing out loud. 

The love story line was incredibly real, even though it was a forbidden romance it still come across as real.
I have read a lot of bad boy series lately and seem to be totally eye glued to them but even though Garrick isn't a bad boy i still found the forbidden relationship a tiny bit naughty. ;) 

This is a quick read but totally enjoyable and cannot wait to get round to Cara's other novels. 

Lisa x 

Have you read this book ? what did you think ? 

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