Thursday, 24 March 2016

Drifter (MC Sinners Next Generation #2) By Bella Jewel

They say opposites attract. In my world that isn’t a good thing. 
I did everything I could to escape the grips of motorcycle club I grew up in when I turned twenty-one. 
It wasn’t about fear, or betrayal, or even lack of love. I just needed my own life. 
I had to know how it felt to stand on my own two feet without their protection. 
Then I met Diesel. Mysterious, dark, with eyes that screamed to be understood. 
From the second I met him, I knew I needed to be in his life. 
There’s just one problem – he’s a member of a different motorcycle club. 
Two things that should never be combined. Yet I can’t stay away. 
No matter how hard he pushes. I can see beyond his mask. 
I need to know who he is and I’ll overcome any obstacle to be in his life. 
A friendship is born, followed by an epic love. 
Our relationship is forbidden. 
But I’ll do anything to be in his life. 

I was meant to receive this as an ARC, but it never came through, but even still, I would have bought it. If I enjoy an ARC I always buy the book afterwards to support authors. So I bought it, not wanting to wait a moment longer than I needed to and I'm so glad I did. 

Diesel is Jayla and Mack's son from Joker's Wrath and Mercedes is Ciara and Spikes daughter from the Knight Sinners. 

OMG I loved this book. I read book one with Anna's kidnapping and although I loved the book I was on the fence about her reactions afterwards. Her addictions seemed out of the norm and taken to extremes for such a little amount of time. 
Going off track..... 
But Bella made it up and more bringing us Drifter. I've always wanted to know what became of the MC after everything that happened in the last Joker's Wrath MC novel, and I'm so glad we get to see them all happy, even with parts missing. 

Mercedes moves away to college, wanting to find her own identity without having being known as the MC's daughter. She wanted to make friends, fall in love and get a career. 
Before she goes off to college though she attends a concert where she meets Diesel. He's so rude, so obnoxious to her, but then gives her the kiss to end all kisses. 

When she bumps into him at college and he doesn't remember her, she is pissed and hurt. She doesn't understand the true meaning of why, only knows that she can't stop thinking of him and his rejection of her hurt. 

It's how she makes enemy number one. Diesel's girlfriend, Maxine. His obvious hidden attraction to Mercedes drives Maxine to bully her. But Mercedes, havin' grown up a MC brat takes shit from no one and gives back as good as she gets. I loved that about her. How she stood up for herself but wasn't a hard person. She was still kind, caring, sensitive to others, and soft. 
Mercedes has her doubts about Maxine and Diesels relationship and even questions him once about it, saying there's more to why he stays with her. He never denies it but it's never brought up really again.

Anyway, life for Mercedes is hard, but she doesn't let it get her down. She befriends Diesel, even after he tries hard to push her away. 
It was cute getting her to get him to laugh. I've never gushed over a love story like I have there's. It was incredible. I felt like I was experiencing everything with them. 

I'm not going to go into much more, because Bella's work speaks for itself. Not one have I disliked. I will say though, seeing two, well three MC's coming together was so weird. Even when it was the Hell Knights and Heaven Sinners, it was weird, but they came together as a family. Seeing Jokers Wrath joining forces was just epic. I wish we had more from there travels. (You'll understand once you've read it) 

I can't wait to read more from the next generation. Their stories are showing to be epic. 
Diesel's and Mercedes romance is one of a kind and I've got to admit, this book hit my second favourite read this year. Just writing this review is making me want to read it again. 


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