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2016 has been one of the best for book releases. Although I haven't had as much time as I'd have liked with my blog, and books, I've still managed to pile up a list of favourite reads. Most of which I've noticed were released in March and April. 
So here is my list, hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

First off, I want to start off with Lila Rose. Her books have been extraordinary this year, going from YA Paranormal, to hot bikers and to sexy horsemen. I don't think they'll be a book she releases I won't be excited to read. 
I also had the pleasure of meeting her at Four Brits back in June and she's just as amazing in person.

In The Dark  ~ Released back in March, Lila released a paranormal romance novel that had me captured from the start. Before this book, paranormal novels weren't really my thing. But this changed my view and ever since, I've not been able to get enough.
Down and Out (Hawks MC: Caroline Springs Charter #3) ~ Released back in June, we got to meet Dive, one of our favourite characters. I loved this book, she took something tragic and sad and made it into something for beautiful. 
Death: The Horsemen Series ~ Released back in September. LOVED this book.
Living Without (Hawks MC:Caroline Springs Charter #4) ~ Released in November we got to finally read Saxon and Nary's story. This one broke my heart. Loved it. 

Rachel Van Dyken is a go to author for me. There's not one of her books I haven't read. As soon as she releases one, I one click it, I don't even have to read blurb. 

The Consequences of Seduction #1 ~ Released Back in February
The Matchmakers Playbook #1 ~ Released back in April.
Empire (Eagle Elite #7) ~ Released back in may. Eagle elite is one of my favourite series of all time. But after reading the devastating loss of Andie, I needed Sergio to have a happy ending. This book was so much more. I loved it. 
Keep (Seaside Pictures #2) ~ Released back in July. LOVED this book. I was talking about it for months afterwards.
The Matchmakers Replacement #2 ~ Released in August.
The Bachelor Auction #1 ~ Released back in October.
Dark Surrender (Dark Ones Sage #3) ~ Released in December, Dark Surrender is her last release of the year and I promise you, she went out with a bang with this one. I really love this series and the characters. You can never get bored of them.

My new author this year is Alanea Alder. She's a paranormal romance writer. I literally stumbled upon her books, and I can't tell you enough about how happy I am that I did. If you've not read her Bewitched and Bewildered series than do so. It's full of fun and laughs, but most of the all, the stories are brilliant. Each are connected, but with each book, we get to read about a new love interest for another character. 

My Commander #1 ~ Book one was released in 2014, but because she's a new author to me, I've still added it on. 
My Protector #2 ~ Released December 2014
My Healer #3 ~ Released February 2015
My Savior #4  ~ Released August 2015
My Brother's Keeper #5 ~ Released November 2015
My Guardian #6 ~ Released June 2016
My Champion #7  ~ Released December 2016, this is the last book of the year for Alanea and she has left us all begging for more. Such a tease. I can't wait for the other books in the series, and I've heard there's going to be a lot. *SQUEAL* Yes, that's how much I love this book. Make sure you look out for my review that will be coming up soon.

I also got into a few more paranormal romance novels this year, here are a few of them. 

Lux Series By Jennifer L. Armentrout  ~ Another release that was from 2014, but I've only just found it this year. I feel like I was cheating only finding out about these this year. I loved them. 
Deadly Beauties Series  ~ Another released in 2014 but as I said, I've only found my love for paranormal this year. Since 2014, she has released...
Dark Beauties (Deadly Beauties Live on #1) ~ Released January 2015. LOVE THIS SERIES
Bitten Beauty (Deadly Beauties #3) Released November 2015
Davy Harwood By Tijan 1-3 ~ This series has been out since 2014, but she released Book three February this year. LOVED reading this. So different from any other book. 
Evil By Tijan ~ Released May

Another new author for me this year was Erin Watt. This series had me raving for months and months and can't begin to tell you how many times I've read them since.

Paper Princess #1 ~ Paper Princess was released back in April and gave me such a book hangover. I loved everything about this book, the characters, the story, the humor, EVERYTHING. And I wasn't the only one. I had a few fellow readers also feel just as strongly about the Royals. If you didn't check this book out, make sure you do.
Broken Prince #2 ~ Released July and ended on one of the best cliffhangers of this year.
Twisted Palace #3 ~ Released October.

Here are some more. Some you may be familiar with, some you may not, but please check them out. 

  • Amore: Part One By Bella Jewel ~ Released September and the third best cliffhanger I had read this year. My God, I remember wanting the next one so desperatly.
  • Manacle By Bella Jewel ~ Released May.
  • Amore: Part Two By Bella Jewel ~ Released October. I forgot to mention, this one is about the mafia, something Bella Jewel needs to write more of. ;)
  • Drifter By Bella Jewel ~ Released March. MC novel. 
  • Property Of Drex By CM Owens #1 ~ Released March. My God, this MC series is brilliant. CM Owens really knows how to write hot characters. Couldn't get enough. 
  • Property of Drex #2 By CM Owens ~ Released March.
  • Chloe (Made Men #3) By Sarah Brianne  ~ Released April. My God, this book hit the best book for a cliffhanger. Never and I mean, NEVER, has a book ever made me feel so much at the end. I wanted to scream, cry, shout, curse, and scream some more. BEST cliffy ever. Also, I can't wait for her next release, which is Lucca. Make sure you check out this mafia romance series. 
  • Logan Kade By Tijan ~ Released March... As for the book, read the title. It says it all. No one could beat this series for me. I heart Fallen crest. LOL Logan is one of my all time favourite characters and him getting his own book made me squeal. LOVE HIM!!!!!
  • Fearless (Broken Love #5) By B.B.Reid  ~ Released April. 
  • Sweet Love #1 By KC Lynn ~ Released March this year, Sweet Love broke many, many hearts. I've stayed away from tear jerkers but this author is amazing. She's so freaking talented and I had to read it. And plus, I didn't know it would make me sob like a baby. One of the top ten reads.
  • Ryder #4 By L.A.Casey Released March. And although this is the only book I've read this year for L.A.Casey, I know she did release more 5* reads. 
  • Roomhate By Penelope Ward ~ Released February.
  • #Junkie #1 By Cambria Hebert ~ Released January. Junkie is a spin off series for the hashtag series. I've loved these characters from the start, but something about Drew and Trent melted my heart so I was happy these two were getting their own books. M/M romance novel. 
  • #Rev #2 By Cambria Hebert ~ Released March
  • #Swag #3 By Cambria Hebert ~ Released June
  • #Bae By Cambria Hebert ~ Released September
  • The Goal #4 By Elle Kennedy  ~ Released September.
  • Talon #4 By Carian Cole  ~ Released November and was the first book I had read from this author. Loved it. 
  • To Hate Adam Connor By Elle Maise  ~ New author again this year. I loved this book. I actually read the series backwards by mistake, not realising there was another. LOL To Love Jason Thorn
  • Winters Touch By Jamie Begley ~ Released July, Winters story was another heart stopper. It's also another MC series I can't put down. Each characters are amazing. But it was...
  • Train's Clash By Jamie Begley Released October... that really did me in. So much happens during the book, especially the ending. I was so shocked, so stunned, it took me days to recover. 
  • Home Tears By Tijan ~ Released December. This book is so different from all the other books I read. It wasn't just about love, but about survival, family, trauma, and other things. The ending was fantastic. 
  • Neighbor Dearest By Penelope Ward ~ Released August. This book is about friendship, love, and life. It gripped me from the get go, and it wasn't just the characters that made it a story, but the words themselves. ANOTHER 5* from Penelope Ward. 
  • An Act of Obsession By KC Lynn Released July. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series. 
  • Anti Stepbrother By Tijan ~ Released August. Don't let the title fool you. I know a lot of readers got fed up this year of step brother romances, but I can promise you, this isn't one of them. Another great read from Tijan.
  • Perfectly Toxic #9 By CM Owens ~ Released July. The sterling shore series is another favourite series of mine, but this book, I loved it. It was so funny. One I'll defo read again. 
  • Sweet Haven #2 By KC Lynn ~ Released September.

I've been working a lot this year, so I mostly stuck to authors I know and love, and series I desperately wanted more of. But I'm glad there were times when I had the time to venture out and find new authors. Alanea Alder is one of those examples. Without looking through Amazon, I'd never have found Meryn (One of her characters) and the stories she's written. They're brilliant. 
But 2016 was also a good year all round. I've read some fantastic reviews for authors on my TBR list. 

What was your favourite read this year? And what book will you be leaving 2016 reading?

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