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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Emphatic By Kaylee Ryan

There comes a point in your life where you have to say enough is enough. 

I wasted my college years on a guy who played with my head, played with my heart. I was blinded by the fairytale, the one that didn’t exist. 

The day I gave up on the idea of happily ever after, my focus became me. Moving forward and establishing my career. 

Until one day… 

I didn’t expect him. My new boss, a six foot two, inked rock god. I believed I was working for the record label, I was wrong. 

It’s impossible for me to keep my distance, believe me I’ve tried. He’s not who I expected him to be. He’s so much more he’s…Emphatic

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

It's taken me a while to get to Emphatic. I think I had it a week before finally picking it up. 

Logan, after finding her boyfriend cheated on her for most of their relationship finally decides to do something for herself. She wants to concentrate on her career, her work, and herself. 

When her parents gift her and her best friend Stacy a trip Hawaii, they both decide to have one last hurrah so to speak. 
The day they arrive they meet the sexy, tattooed ink god Micheal. Stacy encourages Logan to be spontaneous, to take chances. So they use their middle names, Logan becoming Paige. 
Micheal and Paige become close, and the three enjoy their holiday, but on the last day, Paige, AKA Logan, spends one last night with Micheal, and for the first time she does the walk of shame, thinking she will never see Micheal again. 


It turns out her new job waiting back at home is non other than working for a rockband. And not just any rockband. 

It turns out Micheal had the same thought and used his middle name in Hawaii, so when he arrives home after nonstop thinking about the girl who left him alone in bed, he's greeted with Paige, who is none other than Logan, the girl he just spent the seven days obsessing over. 

From then out their secret is out and instead of them getting angry that the other lied, they both actually pretty much shoved it under the rug. It was refreshing not to see that drama. 

His band mates are funny and their relationship with Logan only grows to brotherly, but when Kacen is around it turns into banter and flirting. 

It was a fun read, but I have to honestly admit and say the ending was kind of boring for me. I wanted some drama, some action with her ex boyfriend, but there was nothing at all. It really was predictable. 

That said, I still enjoyed reading the book and getting to know the characters. And I do hope we read more about them. 


Monday, 3 February 2014

More with you By Kaylee Ryan

Hailey MacCoy has had a crush on Aiden since the day she met him. Over time that crush has intensified. Hailey feels she has to keep her feelings hidden due to his friendship with her brother. She struggles with the fact that Aiden only sees her as his best friends little sister. 

Aiden Emerson is lusting after his best friends little sister. Hailey is all of a sudden grown up and Aiden can’t stop thinking about her. She has become an important part of his life over the last year. The thought of losing her is just not an option for him. 

They find themselves thrown together and surrounded by wedding planning and events. Filling the roles of Maid of Honor and Best Man for their siblings. Hailey and Aiden are battling their hearts desire. Fighting against what they think they can’t have. 

Can Aiden and Hailey resist temptation? Can they open their hearts for more? 

Hailey’s POV
· Allison decides she wants to take a nap, so she and Liam go to their room. I am too comfortable to move. I am curled up on the couch. It’s a rainy day, so there is not much else to do. Once I’m awake, it’s hard for me to go back to sleep no matter how tired I am. I’m weird like that. 
Aiden comes into the living room and I automatically lift my legs, inviting him to sit with me on the couch. I keep reminding myself that we are friends and we have done this exact thing a thousand times. He takes a seat on the opposite end of the couch and I rest my legs on his lap.
“We watching a movie?” he asks me.
“Yeah, but you can pick,” I tell him, tossing him the remote. Aiden grins and starts flipping through the channels. My head is turned towards the television, but my eyes are trained on Aiden. He is gorgeous. His brown hair is messy. I can tell he just ran his fingers through it after his shower this morning. I love his thick locks. My fingers itch to touch him. To run my fingers through his hair.
Aiden settles on the Lifetime Movie Network. I smile. He knows me so well.
“For me?” I ask and bat my eyelashes.
Aiden just smiles and winks. He picks up my left foot and begins to massage it. This is new; he’s never done this before. Friends can give friends a foot massage, right?
I lie there with his hands on my feet, working their magic. I’m trying to concentrate on the movie, but I can’t. I close my eyes to try to calm my racing heart. I focus on taking in deep even breaths. I feel my body relax and I start to drift off to sleep.
I slowly wake up and open my eyes. I see that the television is muted and the house is quiet. I lift my head and I see that Aiden is still at his end of the couch. He’s awake and he’s watching me.
“Hey. Sorry I fell asleep on you,” I say my voice raspy. I could really use something to drink. 
As if he can read my mind, Aiden leans over, plucks a bottle of water from the coffee table, and hands it to me.
“Thanks,” I say, taking it from him and chugging half of it. Much better.
“How was the movie?” I ask, my voice now back to normal.
Aiden shrugs his shoulders. “I’m not sure, I didn’t finish it,” he says.
“I glance at the television and see that it is, indeed, still on.” I look back at Aiden and raise my eyebrows in question.
“You looked so peaceful, I didn’t want it to wake you up.” He shrugs. “I know you didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and needed to rest.”
“So…uh…what did you do?” I ask. I’m not sure how to take his last statement. Do friends just do that? Do they go out of their way to make sure the other gets rested after a drunken night? He’s in the same spot as when I fell asleep. Did he…did he watch me?
Aiden’s face flushes slightly. “I watched you,” he says softly. 
He watched me! I open my mouth to respond, and no words will come out. I’m stunned speechless. I open and close my mouth again, still nothing. I know I look like a damn fish right now, which is totally embarrassing, but… Holy Shit! Aiden watched me sleep for, what, like an hour?
“You could have moved. I probably wouldn’t have woken up,” I tell him.
“Yeah, that really wasn’t an option for me. Why would I want to move, when I can be close to my angel when she’s sleeping?” he asks.