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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Still Jaded (Jaded series #2) By Tijan

Sheldon, Bryce, and Corrigan ruled their school until a killer wanted to rule them. A year later and they're all back. Bryce is the local celebrity jock. Corrigan’s running a fraternity and Sheldon's hiding from all drama. However, she's quickly pulled back into their social world and accidents start happening. With the killer killed, who's trying to hurt Sheldon this time? Or maybe it's someone closer than she wants to admit? 
Jaded Series: 
Still Jaded 

Okay, after waiting to calm down a little I've decided to finally write my review for Still Jaded. Trust me this isn't going to be pretty LOL 

I have loved every single one of Tijan's work, but this one really blew me for six. I didn't know how to feel, like literally. I enjoyed the story plot because I'm dying to know what happens after that massive cliffhanger she leaves us with, but I felt so confused by the whole book. 
In this one there is a love triangle, sound simple? NOPE!!! 
I didn't even know where this triangle began or why. I felt like I missed something so vital throughout the book it made me curse and want to scream like a banshee (Like I said, not pretty) It wasn't just that, I felt every time a situation came up they talked in code, like we;re  meant to know what the hell they're talking about. Like we were there in Spain with them so we don't need the recap on what went down. Like hell. We seriously needed to know something to get a grip on what the hell they were talking about. Like I said, I felt lost. 

Ignoring the love triangle because that will piss you off, I actually found more action was happening in the book, more depressing, but I plodded through. 
I wish to god I knew what was happening with the three. I just feel like the whole story plot has gone off track for me. 

Anyway..... in this one, Sheldon has another stalker. Who? I have no bloody idea there are that many culprits. It seems she hasn't learnt her lesson from the first time LOL and is still as mean as they come. Some ways though, I felt like she grew up, but in others I felt like she didn't. She still acted immature, selfish and a lot of the time stuck in her own head, I hate that about a character that is meant to be strong. We don't see a lot of Bryce in this one which is upsetting and what we did see puts us off of him. To be fare, unlike Fallen crest where I'm completely in love with Both Logan and Mason, I can't seem to like either Bryce or Corrigan now lol They've both gone down hill, like fast.

I rate it a 3*

Monday, 17 November 2014

Jaded (Jaded series #1) By Tijan

Sheldon doesn't care about anyone except Corrigan and Bryce. The three of them rule their school, but it seems someone else wants in on the action or that someone else just wants Sheldon. How many bodies is enough to prove their love to her?

I have had this on my TBR for so, so, so long. Because of the lack of blurb and the price it was originally at, I never wanted to take the chance. I'm glad I did though. 

I couldn't get into it at first, the characters reminded me so much of Logan, Sam and Mason. Only the opposite in certain areas. 

Like Logan is funny, whore, and always getting into trouble, whereas Corrigan is the same, but when he gets into trouble, he does get caught. 

Sam doesn't care about anything, or what anyone thinks or if she's popular or not. She's hurt by her parents neglect, but never acts on it to get their attention. Also she is honest about her feelings to Mason and would never cheat. Whereas Sheldon cares whether she's popular or an outcast, even though she says she doesn't care she does because she's constantly separating the two groups. One for popular kids, then the other losers. (Her words not mine). Sheldon does and doesn't care about her parents neglect, and she acts on it. She gets into trouble, back talks teachers, smashes her house up because she's acting out. Then we have her and Bryce, she loves him, but won't admit it. She won't label their relationship and technically in my eyes, she cheated and I hate that. I think that's why I can't form a bond with her. Secretly she's worried about people leaving her like her parents, but if anything she will be the one to drive them away with her actions. 

Now Bryce I liked the most, he is opposite to Mason. Mason would never stand for the shit Sheldon puts on Bryce and would never condone cheating or forgive her for it. I also found he's a little more outgoing then what Mason is. 
Mason is quiet, brooding and likes to do things his way. They're both top of the chain at their schools, both the male every girls dreams of and both going places with their football career. 

And then we have the dysfunctional parents. Bryce's mom is a lunatic. Literally. Sprouting stuff off about praying for Sheldon lol which made me laugh, then we have Sheldon's mom who is like Analyse, but more collected and less loony, but loony all the same. 

The story line however is totally different, but apart of me couldn't stop seeing the comparison in the characters. I liked the story line and it had me gripped once I got into it. I will be definitely be reading Still Jaded Book two next. 


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lisa Renee Jones

Lisa Renee Jones' Series Reading Order

Inside out series ~ 
Tall, Dark and Deadly ~ 
Vampire wardens ~
Werewolf society ~

Fallen Crest Public is finally here for PRE-ORDER

Fallen Crest Public By Tijan

Pre-Order Fallen Crest Public on kindle now for only £2.54, released date : 30th December 2013 

The story continues with Sam's first day at public and it doesn't go so well. Some girls want to be her, some want to destroy her. 
Sam not only has to fight for survival from all the girls in her new school and old but for Mason and Logan. 
Roussou and Fallen crest rivalry becomes disastrous. Only Sam has too keep Logan and Mason from getting arrested or worse hospitalized.