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My name is Lisa, I am 26 years old and have three adorable children. 
I have read so many books i thought it was about time to start my own little blog. 
  I love books that take you out of reality for a while, let you forget the real world and picture a fantasy where everything turns out ok.
I love getting lost in a book, so i am always finding books that do just that. 
 I read a lot and can read pretty fast, so on good days i can get through a book pretty quickly.

Apart from reading i am a huge film geek. I love movies and i always tend to watch the film before i read the book.
Twilight and The Hunger games was my huge weakness, i watched the movies and just couldn't wait for the film to come out, so i turned to the books instead. I find the emotions, thoughts and feelings go much deeper in a book, letting you get a better feel for the characters. 

I am a massive Kristen Ashley fan, i have read almost all her novels so far and not one has ever bored me. The Rock Chick series really did it for me after that i had to read all her other series. 

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The author part of me. 

I released my first novel at the beginning of the year, now I've become Amazons best selling author thanks to my second novel Better left forgotten being released.

If I could I'd wish it all away

Better left forgotten

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  1. Your profile is awesome Lisa. I am a mother with two children. I love to read. Grew up with learning problems so I read very slow but still love to read. I love love stories and fantasy and as well as dark and urban fantasy. Nice to meet you Lisa

  2. pleasure to meet you too. What is your favorite novel ?

  3. brilliant is all ill say