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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Aly Martinez

Aly Martinez series reading order...

On the ropes
Wrecked and ruined 

Among the Echoes (Wrecked and Ruined #2.5) By Ali Martinez

My name was Dr. Erica Hill. I was a victim, then a witness, and then I ceased to exist altogether. 

I may still be breathing, but stripped of my identity, I have long since stopped living. I am invisible, and my life depends on my ability to stay in the shadows. 

But he sees me. 

Slate Andrews is the embodiment of everything I have been taught to avoid. He’s rich and famous, and one image of him with a woman would earn millions for any paparazzi lucky enough to snap it. He has vowed to protect me with his life, yet he exposes me with his every breath. I should be stronger and walk away. I should disappear. But I’m terrified he would come after me. 

I’m on the run, determined not to take him down with me but absolutely unable to let him go. 

My name is Riley Peterson…at least for today.

I honestly don't know how Riley aka Erica was able to live with Leo for as long as she did. I know she felt some kind of thanks for saving her, but he also stood by and watched, in fact, he stood guard while they attacked her viciously. 

That said, I could also feel her love towards him, and the need to protect each other. 
This is a darker read, and has to do with Erica witnessing a murder, then been kidnapped, raped repeatedly, before she was able to escape them killing her. 
They have been looking for her ever since, and she has been running from town to town, city to city with different identities each time. So many in fact, she's forgotten who she is. That is until she meets Slate. 

Not only does her scare away her demons, but he helps her move forward. In the coming end, he is the hero in her story. 

When the time comes, and Riley's past catches up with, she needs to be strong enough to fight back, to fight for her life back, because she might be alive, but she wasn't living.

It was a gripping story, and have read it a few times by now. I'm also glad we got Leo's book, because it made me look on him completely different. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Broken Course By Aly Martinez

Coming soon

Seven years ago, my life changed forever. One accident and the person I saw in the mirror no longer resembled the woman I used to be. I was lost and confused inside my own body. I felt alone and disconnected from the world, carrying the incredible weight of guilt and loss that wasn't even mine to harbor.
Then fate led me to Leo James. He taught me that crazy could be perfectly normal and it shouldn't hurt to breathe. Don't get me wrong. Leo isn't perfect. He has his own cross to bear, and the truth is, that might be why I fell for him in the first place. But despite everything he does for me, learning to forgive myself is infinitely harder than overlooking the flaws of another.
Now, the secrets and lies of our past have begun to dictate our future—threatening to ruin us before we get the chance to try. Perhaps we were cursed from the start. Or maybe, just maybe, the remnants of our fractured lives will fit together to form one whole, where love isn’t questioned and being happy is…well, easy.
Can a second broken soul be enough to fill the voids of my own? Or will such scarred pasts prove too much for our love alone to overcome?

Gah, been waiting for this book for so long and it was worth the wait. I read it within two sittings. I'm so glad I was given the opportunity to review this before release day. 

It all started with amongst the Echos and Changing courses. It's in those books we see these two characters as two totally different people. Both are in bad places emotionally, and although they aren't in the best place in this book they are still in a much brighter place than they were originally. 

Depression hits people so differently and it shows you how in this book. I was so glued to this book. I really wanted Sarah to have a happy ending, so when I found out this book was going to be about her I was overjoyed. 
Leo James was the same after I read amongst the Echos. We got to read more into his story in this book which I absolutely loved.

The book is a long journey of two broken people trying to make it together as a couple. And as much as Sarah refuses to think she's good enough for Leo, I think she's perfect for him as I do he for her. 
They balance each other out and I know people shouldn't base a relationship on that, but with them it worked. 

You'll find yourself on more than one occasion agreeing with Sarah's argument to Leo, but also side with Leo's reason. This isn't usually like me. I usually take a side, but with these two, I found they were both in the right and in the wrong. Like I said. Balanced each other out. 

I liked the story as a whole, especially the ending. I don't want to ruin it, but let me tell you it's an awe moment. I was literally 'awe'ing' most the way through to the end. So adorable. 

It's an easy read, but with a lot of issues in it. Loved it though. Aly made it work for us readers in the best way possible. How she manages to bring so much emotion into a book is beyond words. It's a beautiful story. The ending is just proof of that, it had me crying happy tears for all the people involved in this series. It was nice to see that they were all where they were meant to be. 


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Changing courses (Wrecked and Ruined #1) By Aly Martinez

I met Sarah Kate Erickson when I was twenty-one years old. I was lucky enough to keep her for seven years before a tragic accident stole her from me. She didn’t die, but sometimes I think it would have been easier if she had. 

I lived in a haze for those four years after the accident. Catering to her every need, even though she hated the very sight of my face. I tried to hold on to her and the future that we were supposed to build together. But you can’t hold on to someone that doesn’t exist anymore. 

It wasn’t until I met Jesse Addison, a barista at the local coffee shop, that I realized I didn’t just lose Sarah that tragic night, I lost myself as well. Jesse taught me how to let go of the past and learn to love again. But what happens when your past haunts your present, and the woman you used to love refuses to accept the woman you can’t live without?

I read the second in the series Stolen Course first and I don't know if I'm remembering this correctly or not, but I felt like the two stories didn't add up. It says in Stolen course that Sarah tried to kill Jesse. (I will need to double check this) and in this book that isn't the case. I'm also sure she's in the hospital again in the beginning of Stolen course for another attempted suicide. I don't know. I should really check this up, but I haven't had time. 
That been said, that was the only problem I found found with the book. 
I loved Jesse and I do believe she put up with a lot from Brett. I felt like he didn't stand by her enough, even after he sees what Sarah is capable of. 

I liked his commitment to Sarah. His ex wife. When you say your vows you promise to love to cherish through sickness and in health. In this case he is still standing by her through sickness. Had the car accident not happened they would still be together. It changed Sarah, but Brett was determined to get her back, only it takes him four years to realize he lost her the night of the crash. 

The title says it all. Changing courses. Brett wanted a family, a woman he can love for eternity and although he had that with Sarah, his life course changed and took him to Jesse. It's a truly beautiful story. 

As much as I wanted to hate Sarah I couldn't. I really wanted her to be okay, not to hurt and there were a few times she brought me to tears. When she pleads for the pain to stop, wanting to know how it felt like to be happy, it really tore me up. Will definitely be reading the third book in the Wrecked and Ruined series.


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Stolen course By Aly Martinez

I fell in love with Manda Baker eight years ago, and I loved her to the core of her soul. We were supposed to have that elusive happily ever after and spend a lifetime together. But that was all before she was STOLEN from me. 

Her best friend, Sarah Erickson, killed her. It wasn’t intentional. It was far worse. Everyone claims it was just an accident, but I can see through the lies. Even if it’s with my dying breath, I will make her pay for what she did. 

Fate hates me. It robbed me of my first love and left me to navigate through this world emotionless and numb. Then, one day, spiteful fate gave me a woman to fill my shattered soul and make me feel again. It gave me Emma Jane Erickson. Now I spend my days searching for the answers that will ruin Sarah and my nights falling in love with her sister—the one person who is bound and determined to save her. 

But what happens when everything you know to be true explodes around you? Who will be left to pick up the pieces, and who will need to be saved from the wreckage?

Stolen course is such an emotional story from the start. 
As soon as I met Emma I fell in love with her attitude and whit. Then we meet the cocky Caleb checking out Emma and I was done for. 

The story was easy flowing and had me totally hooked. The only issues I had was some errors. Nothing major but the author missed some typos out on words that shouldnt be there. It ruined some parts of the book as I had to stop to re-read certain things. 

The novel is funny, sexy, hot and I would totally recommend this to my followers. I didnt realize until I started the book that it was part of a series and that the books can be read as a stand a lone, so I will be definitely buying the first book in the series.