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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tammy Falkner

This is the list of Stand Alone novels from Tammy Falkner.....

  • That Tender sweet sense of belonging ~ I don't have any information on this novel so far as it seems to be sold out.

  • Escaping the past ~ She thought she was finished running, but some secrets are hard to hide...
    Lou Smith lives the perfect life, has the perfect family, and the perfect job, only none of it's hers.
    He's come home to attend his dying mother...
    Brody Wester hasn't been home in twelve years. When he's forced to return to attend his dying mother, he finds his mother is not the only one in need of his attention.
    Lou has a past, and it's coming to find her.

Tammy Falkner

Tammy Falkner's Series reading order...

The Reed Brothers

Western Farms 

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Calmly, Carefully, Completely By Tammy Falkner

Calmly, Carefully, Completely

I met her on the worst night of her life. She was broken, shaking, and waiting for someone to save her. I am just thankful I got the opportunity to know her. Her dad helped me with some legal trouble I got into, and I volunteered to help out at their camp for children with special needs. Horses, pools, and a tracking bracelet on my ankle. Sounds like a fun week, doesn't it? 
She was there and she wanted to thank me for my kindness on that awful night. But I want her. I want her more than anything. I think she wants me back, but she needs calm and careful, and I don't know if I can provide that. Reagan Pete saved me. But now it's my turn to return the favor. He's hot, with this tattoos and piercings but, beneath it all, he's crying out for someone to save him too. Can he love me completely? She’s been locked up even longer than he has. Peter Reed is fresh out of jail, fresh out of excuses, and ready for a brand new start. Reagan Caster needs to thank Pete for an act of kindness, but he wants more than just her thanks. Reagan knows how to protect her body, but not her heart. And her traitorous body responds to Pete in a way it hasn't with anyone else. When Pete's innocent flirtation becomes more, Reagan's ready to accept what he has to offer. Pete assumes Reagan needs to be loved carefully and calmly. But Reagan knows she needs to be loved completely.   Can he give her what she needs? 

Tall, Tatted and Tempting By Tammy Falkner

Tall, Tatted and Tempting


Logan wants to know my name, but I can't tell him. I can't tell him anything. There are too many people looking for me. He's pretty persuasive, though, and he convinces me to go home with him so he can keep me safe from this harsh city where I find myself. It's not my home. It's his. He belongs. I don't. 
Logan lives with four brothers in the inner city. Yet I've never felt more safe than I do when I'm with him. I want him. But he won't let me have a darn thing, aside from his friendship, unless I'm willing to tell him my secrets. But they're mine, and I can't share them. Not unless I want them to come and get me.

She catches my eye because she's so beautiful she takes my breath. But that's not all that I love about her. I love the way she smells. The way she smiles. The way she plays the guitar is unlike anything I have ever seen. She sleeps in my bed every night, and drives me crazy with her touch. But I can't take what she offers because I need all of her. I need for her to tell me her secrets. I need for her to trust me.