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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Tracker's End (Wind Dragon's MC #3) By Chantal Fernado

Tracker is everything I’ve ever wanted.

I see him. I’ve watched time change him.

I’ve been patient, but he still hasn’t noticed me. Not the way I want him to. The more time I spend with the MC, the more I understand.

When you want something, you have to take it. You have to fight for it.

And Tracker is more than worth fighting for…

First, I want to comment on Tracker and Lana's relationship. It seems to start off in this book, with her babysitting for Clover, Faye and Dex's daughter. But in the previous book, which I re read to double check, they are texting each other behind Allie's back. But from what I got from this book, the two had only just started to get to know each other. 
That confused me. 

What also surprised me was Lana's secret. She's so shy, so quiet that it honest surprised the crap out of me. No wonder the girl wanted to ask Rake so many questions about his bondage and about Tracker's pierced dick. LOL LOL LOL 

I loved how they got together. It wasn't rushed, it wasn't slow, it was just right. They were right. They had a few bumps in the road, don't get me wrong, but they got there in the end. 

I was also surprised by Lana when she decides to do something she wouldn't normally do, especially from someone with limited sexual experience. But it was another thing Tracker helped bring out of her. She was so closed off sometimes it was hard. 

There are a few surprises throughout the book and I enjoyed them all. So much was happening but it never happened all at once, which was great. It had everything, murder, an absent father, an attack, a bitch fight, sexy scenes that will blow your mind, and secondary characters that you'll fall in love with. 
I've already forgotten the bikers name, but I love him. He's always taking the girls places. It begins with an E???? I'm not sure. But I hope he gets a book, I really do. Love him. 

We also get a glimpse in what to expect from Rake's book. It seems the bad ass BDSM biker has a soft spot for a certain girl who we meet. It also shows that something bad has happened between the two and that their are still hurt feelings between them. I'm looking forward to finding that out. 

All in all the book was a 5* for me. I couldn't put it down. The book pulled me in from the very beginning to the very last page.  

Dirty Ride (Wind Dragons MC) By Chantal Fernando

Even by Wind Dragon Motorcycle Club standards, Irish was always a bit of a dark horse. Not one to confide his secrets, such as where he got that mysterious scar across his neck, he’s quick with his fists and even quicker to jump to the defense of his MC. But is he nimble enough to handle the woman he never saw coming? Or will she leave him with a matching scar across his heart?

Want to say first that for £2.99 I expected more from the book. I know it has nothing to do with the other, but to me, that's just too much, especially when people buy an e-reader so it's cheaper for them to read. I'll also explain that the other book, Trackers end was 6.99 I think or 5.99 I'll have to double check, but even so, I don't think for that kind of money I'd keep buying them. 

Review wise, I wished this book was longer. Irish deserved a longer book and with the story line it could have been one. It didn't have the MC connection like the other titles in the series had which gutted me. It didn't have the same feel and for one of my favourite members I was so disappointed. 

Valentina, the leading heroin in the story has run away from an abusive relationship, not able to take anymore. Chantal does write the encounters of abuse beautifully, letting us feel everything Val is feeling. But I wanted a little more where Val was concerned. 
Having being in a similar situation I would believe she'd have more problems trusting, especially some bad ass biker. It just seemed unbelievable so I couldn't grip that story. 
I hate writing this. I really do. Because, I always say to my readers, IT'S FICTION, I CAN WRITE WHAT I WANT. But now I understand. If something is made up, even if it's just the way of doing things, it makes you lose your grip on the story. It was such a shame. 
If the author had written a longer version, their relationship could have progressed more slowly, and we could have witnessed more intense measures of what Val had to really go through. 

I would have loved to have read more in Irish's POV too. I wanted to get inside his head, see his past, find out why he is the way he is in previous titles. 


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Arrow's Hell (Wind Dragons MC #2) By Chantal Fernando

Being the younger sister of a Wind Dragons MC member isn’t as great as you’d think it would be.

I can’t escape the details of my brother’s exploits. No one tells me anything. Men who know who I am tend to stay away from me.

And worst of all: the members of the MC are off-limits.

When Arrow catches my eye, I make it my mission to make him happy again.

When I fall head over heels in love with him, I just hope he will be there to catch me. And that my brother doesn’t kill him…

I received an ARC of Arrow's Hell by NETGALLEY 

I loved Arrow in the first one. He was one of my favourite characters. For some reason though I always saw him as an older man, aging, etc, but he's far from old and unfit, trust me. I don't know why I just did. It's been long since I read the first one, so I could have just been remembering another book I'd read, but him cooking naked took me back to thinking it. 

I liked Anna and Arrow together, but being totally honest, I didn't really get that love connection. When she confesses her undying love for him I felt it, but looking back I can't see where it came from, or what gave it her because there hadn't been much of an interaction to warrant it. Still didn't put me off the book. As a younger sister, newly, to the MC, she's still getting to know the way they live. But her smart mouth, sassy attitude, and her determination catch the eye of Arrow, who she brings out of his misery of a life. He holds a lot of guilt towards Mary, the death of one of the clubs women who he loved and feels like it's him that killed her. I could see her fascination with him, he's so broody, good looking, and closed off. 

Chantal has a little twist up her sleeve in the book, one you will NOT see coming. It shocked the shit into me. Once it started to come out I knew right away what was about to be said. Still, I gasped. It was so shocking. 

All in all the story is brilliant and well written. I had hoped for a little more, but with Trackers book next I'll have to wait. 


I will comment, although this is an ARC, the price of the book is £7.03 (At time of posting this review) I usually purchase ARC that I enjoy on E-book or Paperback, but at this price I can't afford that.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Unsound: An Anthology By Chantal Fernando & M.N.Forgy

Time And Time Again 
by Chantal Fernando 

I always thought I had luck on my side. 

Things seemed to go in my favour, whether by will or by nature. 

But that luck just ran out. 

Jobless and on the verge of being homeless, I find a strength in me that I didn't even know existed and discover an unlikely savior --- Tag. 

He avoids commitment like the plague, and starting anything with him will only lead to heartbreak. 

I know this. 

He knows this. 

So why am I still here? 

Oh, right. Because I want him more than I want my next breath. 


The Broken Pieces Of Us 
by M.N. Forgy 

***WARNING - This is not your typical happily ever after. 

Babs is no stranger to the MC world. As an ol’ lady, she takes the hell that comes with it and dishes it out times two. When things take a turn for the worst, it leaves her questioning just how equipped she is for the hell she lives. She thought her marriage with Locks was it; that she had it all. But the past has a way of sneaking up and tearing life apart. Finding herself trapped as Locks’ ol’ lady, with the threat she will be his till the grave, her world spirals out of control. The only person risking it all to save her is the last person she thought would care: Bull. 

President of the Devil’s Dust MC, Bull, is good at running women off and is even better at pissing off his brothers. When he sees the way his vice-president is treating his ol’ lady, he tries to keep his thoughts to himself. The one thing Bull insists on in his club is respect and loyalty: respect for the patch, respect for your brother, and loyalty to the club. However, after finding Babs in a harsh predicament after a run in with Locks, he can’t help but step in. 
Crossing lines and hurdling around life’s unpredictability, will they find refuge in each other or will they have to endure what life gives them? 

I had read Chantal Fernando's Time and Time again first. I couldn't get into the second one so I'm not going to be reviewing it. It isn't fair for me to that when I never finished it. 

So, the first one Time and Time again I got into pretty quickly considering the blurb gives nothing away really.
I liked both characters, love them, especially Tag. Hey, I'm a woman and I love hot men aha. 

The story concludes to a young woman down on her luck. She's fighting to keep on living, but is barely able to keep a roof over her head. That is until Tag walks.... no stumbles into her life and rescues her as such. He gets her a job at a place he works, then when he finds out about her living situation, he offers her a place to stay. No actually, that's wrong, he demands she lives with him until she can settle down. 
Spite her worries she follows him. 
She was right to be worried. 
He is a womanizer, but we don't see that in the book. I do wish the book was longer because once you get near the end it's rushed as hell. It's like Chantal was kicking us out of the story as such lol. It felt so deep, so detailed from the start that I was so disappointed at the ending. Especially the epilogue. It ruined it for me and the rating. I do wish she took more time with the ending. It does affect the book massively as you don't get that awe, or wow factor reading it. 


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dragons lair By Chantel Fernando

When I found my boyfriend cheating on me, I did something stupid. 

Or should I say, someone? 

Because of that mistake, I’m now stuck in a world I don’t belong in. 

I’m a law student. They’re criminals. 
He’s the Vice President of a MC. I’m a good girl with a strict upbringing. 

He’s my ex-boyfriend’s brother. 
And I’m screwed.

This has to be one of the best books from Chantel. I couldn't get enough. I stayed up until past two in the morning just so I could finish it. One of the best reads I've read this year.

I had a chance to read an ARC of this novel and I didn't accept, as the book blurb didn't appeal to me. How I am regretting that now :) 

The story begins with Faye on the run, moving from hotel to motel. When she is found I felt like I had missed a book or something, but then it goes back in time with her going over what we had missed. 
I fell in love with Dex from the second he threatened to kick the door down if she didnt open it. Hot!! 
He then takes her back to his MC where everything begins ....

The story was amazing. Usually I only like main character or ones closet to them. with this novel I found I loved every single one of them. I really hope we get to read more about the MC because each character intrigued me and so did the MC. 

Its an amusing story with funny lines coming from Faye. She has an excuse.... She's pregnant. 
Fate's a law student ... he's a Biker criminal..... the two couldnt be further in worlds apart yet they belong together undoubtedly.

The only downfall was the ending felt a little rushed, but I think its because I didnt want it to end.


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Now out in kindle store

OUT NOW!! In kindle
#2 of the Maybe series...

I loved her. 
I lost her. 
But I’m not willing to let her go. 

This time, I’m playing for keeps.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Maybe this time By Chantal Fernando

Maybe this time

Moving in with my half-brother Xander, I had no idea what to expect. 
But nothing could have prepared me for this. 
My brother’s friends are wild, protective, secretive, always around. 
And drop dead gorgeous. 
Out of all of them, there's something about Reid Knox. 
Brooding, temperamental, guarded… 
And I want him more than anything I have ever wanted in my life.