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Thursday, 19 December 2013


List of J.S.Cooper stand alone novels ~

  • I'd do anything ~ Due to be released August 7th 2014. 

  • Summer fling The Promise of Tomorrow by J. S. Cooper (New Adult Contemporary Romance)Lucy and Nick were two kids from opposite sides of the tracks. They became best friends and lovers and promised that nothing would ever break them up. But sometimes promises don't always last, or do they?Love Across the Atlantic by Jessica Wood (New Adult Contemporary Romance)Just a few days before Alex left for London to study abroad for the summer, she meets and falls for Nathan--the overly-confident, yet endearing guy that every other girl seems to want. Will the long distance ruin Alex's chances of a relationship with Nathan, or will Alex and Nathan develop a blossoming love across the Atlantic. Confessions of an Online Dater by Chloe Harrison (Chick Lit)As part of a bet, Anna spends her summer going on countless dates to prove that there are no dateable guys online. After 39 disastrous dates with guys who have cat obsessions, performance issues, and facial hair issues, she starts to call these guys, The Undateables, and believes that she will win the bet. Then she meets Jack, who seems at first to be another Undateable. But will Anna's date with Jack be another disaster, or will Jack be the one to cause Anna to lose the bet?Summer Loving by Helen Cooper (Erotic Romance)Jess is devastated when her boyfriend Zak dumps her right before her summer vacation with her best friends. She decides that the best way to get even is to have a one-night stand, only she may have picked the one man, that could make her life even more uncomfortable.We Meet Again by Suzi Case (Chick Lit)Gemma goes from odd job to odd job hoping to make ends meet. She struggles to keep her cool as the same obnoxious and handsome man keeps showing up as she fails each job disastrously.

  • Finding my prince charming ~ Due to be released 29th December 2013. Can a Playboy Prince ever be tamed?When Lola Franklin decided to study abroad she never anticipated embarking on a whirlwind weekend romance with a hot guy before classes started.And she certainly never counted on the hot guy being her new professor. Or a Prince. Or the biggest asshole she had ever met.Xavier Van Romerius is the playboy Prince of Europe and he loves his life. He doesn’t do relationships, and never wants to get married. But when he see’s Lola Franklin flirting with his little brother Casper, he realizes that maybe he needs to rethink his ideas about love before the wrong Prince gets the girl.

  • The rebel next door ~ due to be released 27th March 2014

  • East of nowhere ~ Due to be released 2014 

  • The play boy ~ Due to be released 18th November 2014

  • Hot prof ~ Due to be released April 17th 2014 
 Who's Playing Who?

One girl
One Professor 
One Game
One Hot Night

  • If i knew ~ Due to be released October 23rd 2014

  • The Hamilton boy~ Due to be released December 18th 2014

  • Everlasting sin ~ Hudson Blake 
    Tattooed. Hot. My best friend's brother. Off-limits, except for that one night. 
    That One Night 
    Cannot be spoken of. Cannot be thought of. Cannot allow myself to daydream. 
    That I’m going to become someone. That he can see me as someone. 
    To love. To forget. To believe. To taste. 
    To make me forget my everlasting sin once and for all. 


Correct reading order for J.S.Cooper series novels ...

Forever love ~ 
Scarred ~
The Martelli brothers 
  • Crazy Beautiful love #1
  • If only once #2 due to be released January 24th 2014
  • The only way #3 is due to be released July 24th 2014
Is this love ? ~
  • Carry my heart #1 due to be released July 1st 2014
  • Remember me at midnight #2 due to be released August 21st 2014
The one ~
  • I think he's the one #1 due to be released November 20th 2014
  • I know she's the one #2 due to be released January 20th 2015

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Best YA/New Adult contemporary romance novels

Best 2013 adult contemporary romance novels for 2013. 
My list. 
Here are some of my favorite novels this year. Hope you all enjoyed them or will when you read them just like i did.