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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Rachel Hanna

List of Rachel Hanna stand alone novels...

  • Ruined ~ Willow Blake has a secret. A big one. And when she and her mother move cross country to protect that secret, her guard is up to protect her heart.When she meets handsome Reed Miller, she feels her walls start tumbling down and the fear is overwhelming. If he finds out her secret, will he hate her forever?Just when she thinks things are settling down, a new house guest makes her second guess everything she knows to be true about who she is and what she wants.Caught between her past life and her new one - and two sexy men - will choose to be alone or fight for her own happiness? RUINED is book 1 of 2 in a series. Book 2 will be released in early 2014 and tell the story of Reed and what happens to him.
  • Christmas in Magnolia Cove ~ Madison Carter's life is perfect, or so she thinks. As the top interior designer in Atlanta, clients are clamoring to work with her. She has the town's most eligible and handsome bachelor, Connor Strickland, all wrapped up and ready to marry her. Best of all, she's left her tormented past back in Magnolia Cove.When she uncovers a secret about her fiance, she flees back to her family in Magnolia Cove - to a mother who loves her, a sister who despises her and a past full of the bullies who made her life miserable in high school.

  • Unbreakable Sophie Morgan is a problem, or at least her parents think so. She is beyond the normal coming of age problems other eighteen year olds have, and her parents are tired of dealing with her issues. When they decide to send her to stay with her aunt and uncle on a ranch in Texas, she is fuming mad and sure that she can't and won't learn a thing from being around horses and manure all the time.That is until she meets sexy Miller Rhodes. Straight laced but immensely hot, Miller rubs Sophie the wrong way from the start. But when he helps to save her from herself, a friendship starts to bloom. As the years pass, Miller changes and it will soon be Sophie's turn to save him right back.
  • Broken  ~ When twenty-four year old Bella Clay experiences yet another major loss in her life, she is forced to come home and become a young, single mother to her seven year old nephew. No one in the small town of Madison Falls knows just how damaged she is, and they certainly don't know her dirty little secret about where she's been for the last two years.
    Grant Brady is the local hunk who works as the elementary school PE and history teacher. When he takes an interest in helping Bella start over in Madison Falls, she tries to push him away afraid that he will find out her dark secrets. What she doesn't know is that Grant has a secret of his own.
    Will love prevail or will one or both of them run for the hills out of fear? 
  • War woman  ~ What happens when the past slams directly into the present, but the people in question have no idea? In this sweeping historical romance that begins in the Cherokee Indian territory of north Georgia, the hurts of the past travel into the modern day and throw two lives into a tailspin.When Jonathan Wilson arrives in the territory with the rest of his regiment, he has no idea what his superior has in mind for the Native American tribe that lives there. And when everything goes wrong, he ends up in a situation he could have never imagined. Learning about the Cherokee ways, he encounters a woman unlike any he has ever met and their connection overcomes them both until the unthinkable happens.When crazy things begin to happen to Cooper Wilson and Isabelle Hawkins, they have no idea that they are being guided by 176 years of history that they cannot control.
  • A cowboy for christmas ~ Ashley Callahan hates Christmas and all that goes along with it. The cheesy greeting cards, the Santas on every corner and the fake happiness that everyone seems to have. So when she decides to get away for awhile after a bad breakup, she certainly doesn't have any intentions of celebrating Christmas. 
    When she rolls into Absarokee, Montana for a little respite from the holiday decorations surrounding her back home, she expects peace and quiet. Before she has a chance to put her feet up and relax, a certain local cowboy named Cade Wilkinson crashes into her anti-Christmas world and starts to peel away her tough outer exterior.
  • Loving Tessa ~ In book 2 of the January Cove series, we meet one of the Parker brothers, Aaron. The youngest of the five Parker children, Aaron was all set to marry his girlfriend of three years until she broke his heart by cheating on him. Now, he's sworn off women and can't seem to get his head on straight.Meanwhile, Tessa Reeves is on the run from something. With her dog and three year old son in tow, Tessa lands in January Cove with dark secrets that she wants to hide from everyone. While renting a space at Aaron's RV campground, Tessa learns that she can't run forever. And Aaron learns that the wall he's put around his own heart might not be as strong as he'd hoped.If you love sweet romance with a bit of drama thrown in, this contemporary romance will draw you in, make you laugh and make you cry. A great one-day read at novella length. Bestselling romance author, Rachel Hanna, will take you on a journey that you'll never forget in book 2 of the January Cove series.

Rachel Hanna

Rachel Hanna's Series Reading Order

New beginnings ~ 
January cove ~
Navy Seals

The Coulter Brothers


Whiskey Ridge Romance 


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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ruined By Rachel Hanna


Willow Blake has a secret, a secret she and her mother moved across country to protect. 
Willow has walls up protecting her heart, until she meets Reed Miller. 
Her feelings for him are overwhelming, if he ever found out her secret he would hate her forever. wouldn't he?
When she thinks things have finally settling down in comes Kellan. Her step fathers son.
Kellan understands more than anyone what Willow is going through. When she is with him she doesn't have to hide who she is. 
Willow starts having feelings for Kellan but is torn between Him and Reed. Only both of them make her feel two different things. So should she listen to her heart or her head ? ....