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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lifers Interview with Jane Harvey-Berrick

Jane Harvey-Berrick author of Lifers interview. 
I enjoyed this book so much i needed some answers... 

1)     Is there any truth in the story Lifers?
Yes. Although it was coincidental. I take a lot of time doing my research and read a lot of prisoners’ blogs and rules for prisons and jails. But then I sent an ARC copy to a friend and she said, “This is just like how I met my husband.” I had no idea, but I was blown away that the story spoke to her and that she found it truthful.

2)     What inspired you too write this novel? I mean its so unique to me and many others, so was wondering if it's something that you read about or happened.(which kind of goes back to question one)
I really don’t know where this story came from. I was in the middle of writing another book and it just came and whacked me in the head until I gave in and wrote it. I suppose it was partly inspired by a tiny scene in my Hollywood story ‘Dazzled’. That’s a light romcom, but in it, the guy who’s an actor talks about a part he’s just won in a film called ‘Lifers’. I kept thinking about what sort of story it would be.

3)     what was the hardest part to write from lifers and what was the best part?
The hardest part was writing the big fight scene. I write in quite a filmic way, so I could ‘see’ it all happening.
My favorite part is writing dialogue. It shows how the characters get to know each other. It doesn’t always have to be serious to get the point over. And I get a kick out of writing the love scenes, too. Or maybe I should call them sex scenes – both! LOL.

4)     what will we be expecting next in your writing?
I’ve just finished a first draft of ‘At Your Beck & Call’. It’s about a male escort called Hallen, and what happens when he falls for a client.

5)     Have you considered of writing another book about the characters?
Never say never. I’ll find it very hard to let the characters go, and I’m sure Jordan and Torrey will have a lot of challenges in their lives. There will always be people unwilling to trust Jordan because of his history.
I quite often write bonus chapters about characters and put them on my website ( ). I’ve got some ideas for Jordan and Torrey…

6)     Did you ever feel like you was to hard on Jordan in the novel with all the towns people hating him or is that what happens in those types of situations?
Hatred breeds hatred. It doesn’t take much for it to spread. You know the saying by Edmund Burke, “the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. That’s what it’s like for Jordan—people just let the hatred win. It doesn’t take much to make you an outsider.
But I also believe that one person can make a difference and that most people are basically good at heart.

7)How long did it take you to complete Lifers, and did you need any help thinking of scenes?
It was fast! About 3 weeks for the first draft. I was completely addicted. My husband would peel me away from the computer late at night, complaining that he’d forgotten what I look like. I then took another two months to polish it up, rewrite, and for my Beta to read and comment. Her name is Kirsten – she’s amazing.

8)If you could describe yourself in five words, what would they be?
Hmm. Obsessive. Creative. Dog-lover. Loyal. Chocaholic.

9) Last question, what would you say to your fans who have supported the novel Lifers?
I’ve thanked a lot of people in my acknowledgements, because I’ve got some really great people out there who’ve supported me for the last 18 months that I’ve been writing. You know who you are—love you lots. I couldn’t have—wouldn’t have done this without you.

Many of you will agree this interview is awesome. What great answers, and a great author. I think my favorite answer is number 6. I think she has it bang on, hatred does form from one person and can spread like wild fire.