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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Stay with me (Wait for me Book Three) By J. Lynn

Not all scars are visible on the surface
Calla Fritz is used to hiding. Hiding the scar that she believes mars her beautiful face. Hiding the burns that cover so much of the rest of her body. Hiding her past and her family secrets from her new college friends.
But when her mother clears out her bank account and disappears, Calla is forced to return home and face up to a life she’d rather forget about. What she didn’t count on was meeting the one guy who seems to be able to see past her defences. Jackson James, known as Jax, is beyond smokin’ hot – and Calla can’t quite hide her feelings for a man who knows that beauty isn’t only skin deep.
But with some dangerous characters looking for her mother – men who are perfectly happy to punish Calla for her mother’s sins if she doesn’t turn up soon – Calla and Jax have more troubling things to think about than the searing heat between them…

Book three is with Calla. 
We meet her in Book two and I have to say, it's like reading a totally new character. 
In Book two she is quite vocal, especially when it comes to boys. Then, in this one she's the shy virgin, who looks on from the outside, never being on the in. I found it hard to believe this was the same girl. Not that it bothered me, it's just that I went from one deception of her, to another. 

Anyway, after her mom clears her out she heads back home to sort it out. Only, it's a bigger mess than she realized when she gets back home. 
There were certain things I guessed straight off, even before it happened, and kind of annoyed Calla didn't figure those out. 
Calla ends up working at her mothers bar for tips, to try pay back the money her mom has taken out in her name, but I hate to break this to you Calla, but you'll be saving for the rest of your life. How she thought she could even put a dent in 100,000 was beyond me. I felt so sorry for her. She had gotten out of her dump of a house, and moved miles away to get away from her toxic mom. Only for her mom to have shit on her. 

Then we have Jax, my god I fell in love with him. He's seriously hot. I loved he didn't take any crap from Calla, or let her hide. She has scars all over her body and the one people see is the one on her face, but Jax doesn't see that when he looks at her. It's soooo sweet. I loved him more for it. Seeing past her imperfections. 
In this one we're introduced to a few new characters, but my favorite was Katie. She used to be the schools quiet nerd, but now she's a stripper, loud and loving it. I can't even explain how hard I laughed when she's first introduced. She was hilarious. I wanted to see her more in the book. 

The only problem I had with the book, not a problem as such, but one I could never figure out was the drugs. They were in the house and from what Jax said it was worth a lot more than a million bucks. So why is her mom on the run if the drugs are there for her to return? I know they get taken, but they were there before and why wasn't the guy who had taken them mentioned to Isiah??? It drove me mad LOL 
I also have to admit, I'd love to read his story. i don't know, there was just something about him that made him come across interesting. There's also the other barmaids and coppers story I'd love to read. I know for sure there's something there.


Be with me (wait for you Book Two) By J.Lynn

There are a lot of reasons why Teresa and Jase should steer clear of each other…
Firstly, Teresa is Jase’s best friend’s little sister – and Jase has a pretty good idea of how Cam will feel about anyone messing her around.
Secondly, Teresa’s dreams of being a dancer have just been put on hold – maybe permanently. The last thing she needs is a player like Jase distracting her when she needs to find direction.
Thirdly, Jase has a secret. A big one. And he’s not ready to risk sharing it with anyone apart from the people closest to his heart.
But there is one electric reason why they can’t stay away from each other…

Be with me is the second book in the wait for you series. Teresa is Cam's little sister, who we meet in the first book when Cam takes Avery back home for thanksgiving. Here is where we find out Teresa was in an abusive relationship with her ex. Cam had found the bruises on her body and attacked Jeremy her ex nearly to death. 
Years later Teresa is still handling what happened with her. She's not broken over it, but she's also not moved on as such. It's always there in her head. 

Bring in Jase, the boy who Teresa has crushed on for years, shared a kiss with and is now going to the same college as him. He's also her brothers best friend. Although we didn't really see Jase in the first book, it always seemed Ollie, Cam's roommate was the bestfriend, but it seems Jase and Cam do go way back. 

He's attracted to Teresa, but it's not just the fact her brother is his bestfriend but because of something else, because of his past. I had guessed the story really early on in the book. It seemed too obvious to me what he was keeping. It didn't ruin the story for me though. It doesn't take long into the book for it to be revealed anyway, so it had no part in the big ending. 
Which by the way is freaking awesome. 

As Teresa has had to take time away from dancing to recover a fall where she damaged her knee, she was late for dorms. In the end she had to get a suite where she meets Debbie, her roommate. With Debbie comes Eric, another abusive boyfriend. Teresa wants to help Debbie, but it seems there's never a right time to talk to her. Eric is always there. 

Anyway, the story continues with Jase and Teresa finally together after certain events happen. Only, not a day into their relationship publicly does Jase break it off running scared. 

Now, the rest is up to you to find out. I loved this book and loved the characters in it. 


Wait for you By J.Lynn

Some things are worth waiting for…
Travelling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten can escape an event that changed her life forever. All she needs to do is keep her head down – the one thing she didn’t plan on was capturing the attention of the only guy who could shatter her defences.
Cameron Hamilton is six feet and three inches of swoon-worthy hotness. She knows she needs to stay away from him, but Cam is everywhere, with his charm, his banter, and that dimple that's just so… so lickable. Getting involved with him is dangerous, but ignoring their simmering tension is impossible…
When Avery starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls, she realises that someone from her past is refusing to let her go. When the devastating truth comes out, will Cam be there to help her or will he be dragged down with her?

I read this a while ago and recently came across the third installment. For the life of me I couldn't remember the story, so I went back and read this one to jog my memory and ended up reading the whole series. 

Avery moved away to escape her home town and the horrible whispers that follow her. Her story is one about moving forward, letting the past go, but Avery can't do that. 
It isn't until she meets Cam that she realizes how much she's suffered by not being able to move on. In a way he shows her how to live, how to have fun and to feel safe.

There are funny moments in this book, the first one is involving Raphael the tortoise. 

I like how the relationship between Cam and Avery progresses, it's not one of those thrown at you that expect you to deal with how quickly they've gotten together, especially with her past experience.


To the author, 

you dealt what is a serious subject with care and wrote it beautifully. Writing about this certain subject must be horrible and I bow down to you for writing this story because you handled it well. You made sure we knew her pain without going into description, but we felt it, then the aftermath of her pain, it was all written perfectly. So well done. xx  

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Best YA/New Adult contemporary romance novels

Best 2013 adult contemporary romance novels for 2013. 
My list. 
Here are some of my favorite novels this year. Hope you all enjoyed them or will when you read them just like i did.