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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dominic By L.A.Casey Interview

So, not many of you will have heard of L.A.Casey yet but you will. Those you have and have had the pleasure like me to read an ARC of Dominic will know L.A.Casey is going to become huge. So for you all to get a glimpse into L.A.Casey novels here is my interview with the talented author. 
Enjoy :) 

1) Who is your favorite Slater brother?
Wow, you don't hold back with the tough questions straight of the bat, do you, Lisa? Lmao!

I know all writers say this but I honestly don't have favourite character or in this case, a favourite brother, I love them all equally. However, they each have certain qualities about them that I adore. Dominic's no bullshit attitude, Damien's innocence, Alec's sense of humour, Kane mysteriousness, and Ryder's position as the 'father figure' for the rest of the lads.
2)Who was your muse/s for Dominic and the rest of the Slater brothers? 
Jack Harris for Dominic, Finn Harris for Damien, Danny Mac for Alec, Dan Osborne for Kane and Matt Bomber for Ryder. That is a fine selection of man meat right there :P 
3) What inspired you to create the Slater brothers?
 I was out clubbing on the night of my 19th birthday, nearly 3 and half years ago, and a fight broke out inside the club I was in with my friends. It was closing time so the club was practically empty at this point, I got separated from my friends (I had to go the bathroom for probably the 50th time that night) and because I just that lucky, I ended up right in the middle of the brawl when I left the bathroom. I wasn't hurt, which is a miracle because it was a 7 person brawl! I found out afterwards that two of the lads in the fight were brothers and their youngest brother was punched in the face by one of the other five lads who were also involved the fight. I couldn't believe it, two lads took on five others (and won) because they were defending their little brother. That planted the seed in my head and I just brainstormed on the idea of brothers and their loyalty in doing whatever needed to protect each other and then the Slater Brothers were born :D
4) When can we expect Alec story to be released? 
I don't have an exact month yet but it will 100% be sometime late 2014.
5) This is your first novel, and has obviously got a huge fan base. Did you expect it to be this popular before it even hit the shelves, so to speak?
Never in a million years! I'm blown away by the love and support myself and Dominic have received. I only decided on New Years Eve that I would get serious and self-publish Dominic. I had the the first draft of the book written since December 2013 and in January and early February 2014 everything from beta reading, editing to proofreading was completed. Time has literally flown by, nine days from now Dominic's cover will be revealed and 23 days from now, it will be released and everyone on my social networks is just as pumped for the release as I am. I have amazing supporters!
6)Was there any scenes in which you found hard to write? If so which one? 
The sex scene was a bit tough because I wanted to make it a real as possible instead of everything just being 'amazing'.
7) How long did it take you to write Dominic? 
Altogether it took nine weeks to get from chapter one to chapter twenty seven! Dominic and Bronagh's (pronounced bro-nah) story literally fell together
8) Can we expect more humor in the up coming books?
Oh, definitely. You can 100% count on it. I put my own weird sense of humour into my characters so even if a situation is dire in a Slater Brother novel, one of the characters will open their mouth and say something to shift the mood and lighten it....or make it worse. Lmao!
9) Is there any advice you would give to first time novelist writing there debut novel?
 Write, write and write some more. Don't give up! Write for yourself and no one else.
10) Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I know some authors have dreamed of being a writer from when they are little

but I definitely NEVER knew I wanted to be a writer and truthfully I never 

really read books much when I was a teen. I know, I know, I was clearly on
something through-out my teenage years lol.

I got into reading and writing fan fictions (I'll never say which ones so don't bother asking lmao) before actual book when I was nineteen. I was injured playing a football match (soccer) and completely shattered the bones in my left leg. After an operation on my leg I was bed bound for 3-4 months and in the time I discovered reading, writing and my Kindle, the rest in history.
11) Last but not least. If you could, what would you say to the people who have read your novel and have praised it/ rated it high?
I bloody love each of your faces!! I can't even put into words how happy you all make me! When someone tells be Dominic has made them happy, made them laugh or gave them a bit of a pick me up, my tummy literally bursts into butterflies and my smile splits my face. I'm so grateful to have you all, I appreciate every single one of you! <3