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Saturday, 14 December 2013


List of J.A.Redmerski Stand alone novels ..
(Note) will updated on a regular basis

  • Dirty Eden  ~ The Devil gives Norman Reeves an ill-fated mission he has no choice but
    to accept: Find the center of Eden and reverse the Fall of Man. Thrust
    into a place called Creation, Norman's task is plagued by unimaginable
    people and events. He must unravel impossible clues to free the Three
    Trees and keep himself out of Hell at the same time. On this surreal and
    humorous journey, Norman discovers many things better left unknown: the
    shocking secret lives of people close to him and the other unthinkable
    reason he was brought here. But should Norman fail, like all visitors to
    Creation, he will forget everyone and everything he has ever known,
    becoming part of the madness that was once the paradise of Eden.

  • Song of fire Flies ~ Since they were kids, Elias Kline and Brayelle Bates have been inseparable. When Bray moves to South Carolina, separating the two for the first time, they both at last realize that their innocent childhood friendship has developed into something much more. So when Bray finally returns to Georgia—and to Elias—things between them couldn’t be more perfect…until one fateful night changes everything.

    Desperate not to go to prison for a terrible accident, Elias and Bray decide to run. As they try to make the most of their freedom, the two find themselves relying on a rebellious group of people who tempt the duo into a wild and daring new life. But they can’t run from their troubles forever.

    As the consequences of their past catch up to them, the couple must finally face reality. Even if they can make it through the unimaginable, Elias knows the truth about Bray’s painful history, and in the end he may not be able to save Bray from herself…

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Thirteen Tearjerker Novels

Have you ever read that one book that has made you sob your heart out ?. Made you cry for the characters, for the situation, for just the sadness that comes with life. 
Here is a list of my all-time favorite books that made me weep. Some books bring you sadness but then there are the spectacular ones that will stay with you forever. 
These are in no particular order .... 

  • Wishing for some day soon By Tiffany King  £1.91 in kindle store. This novel is about a young girl caring for her younger brother whilst trying to protect herself from her mothers on going beatings. It really tugged at my heart and the title is perfect for the book. 
  • The edge of never By J.A.Redmerski  £1.99 in kindle store. This novel will take you on an emotional journey. Literally. I was so overwhelmed by this novel it took my breath away.
  • Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire  £3.49
  • The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window By Kirsty Moseley  £1.85. I really LOVED this novel. The romance is empowering and the story line is heart breaking. One of my favorite novels of all time. Take a look at my review -->> My Review
  • Free falling By Kirsty Moseley  £1.85 in kindle store. Oh god this one had me in tears. I never saw it coming and neither will you. Finding your one true love then to have them taken away. To say life goes on is an understatement. Another fantastic read by Kirsty Moseley 
  • Hopeless By Colleen Hoover  £1.99 in kindle store. This novel will forever stay in my memory. I have yet to write a review on some of these novels but just because i haven't doesn't mean they aren't worth talking about. They are. This is another novel which tugged at my heart it more ways then one. Sky's life was something none of us could predict or even pretend to understand. 
  • Easy By Tammara Webber  £3.99 in kindle store. 
  • The Notebook By Nicolas Sparks  £3.99 in kindle store. who hasn't read or seen the notebook. seriously. It is one of the most tearful book and film i have seen. The ending broke my heart and i sobbed for a while. Having someone die of heart break just to stay with you is, god i haven't even got the right words. Overwhelming doesn't seem to cover it.
  • Safe Haven By Nicolas Sparks  £3.49 in kindle store. Ok i brought this book a while ago then learnt shortly after it was being released on film and neither was a disappointment. This book is about love, abuse and life in general. The book had me crying more then the film did because the words were so powerfully written. I will never forget the moment when Katie realizes who the woman who has being living near her and talking to her on a day to day basis. This novel will consume you, suck you in until you finish. 
  • Chasing Nikki By Lacey Weatherford  £1.91. Another novel that had me sobbing for a while and one i will always feel a pang of hurt for is this one. I could not believe the ending even until this day it breaks my heart. 
  • Rock chick reckoning By Kristen Ashley  £3.08. Like all other Kristen Ashley books they all have an emotional side but Maces story really torn at my heart. Maces whole story is heartbreaking and i promise you, you will enjoy this read if you haven't already.
  • Always you By Kirsty Moseley  A bargain at £0.62. Another fantastic read and another one to pull at your heart strings. The choices people make in life are sometimes the ones you have to live with for the rest of your life. Lucky for Clay, Riley new him more then she knew himself. Its romantic novel and at the end you will see the lengths people go to for someone they love. Read my review -->> My Review
  • Don't make me beautiful By Elle Casey  £2.99 in kindle store. This one is the most emotional book i have ever read of all time. read my review -->>My review

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

NEW RELEASE ......Edge of always By J.A.Redmerski

The Edge of Always

The story began with The Edge of never, so if you haven't read this amazing story then go DO IT now. 
The story is heartbreaking to say the least. I have cried to many books but this one really tugged at my heart and was off the charts. 
Its one book i will never be able to forget. 
Camryn sets off to find herself by taking off across the country, instead she finds Andrew, who is also trying to find himself. 
I will tell you know be prepared because the huge twist was just that, HUGE, I never saw it coming. 
My heart stopped and i sat crying frightened to keep reading, but me been me carried on. So glad i did.  
The book pulls you in like a magnetic force and doesn't let you go till the very last word. 
I was so heartbroken ..... so i am going to get the tissues ready for this one :) 

Lisa x

Have you read this book? Then tell us what you thought.