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Monday, 1 February 2016

An Act of Salvation By KC Lynn

Sometimes two broken pieces make a whole. 

He’s the one she’s always loved. 

She’s the one he could never have. 

A forbidden night of passion resulted in years of heartbreak when he walked away. Now she’s in danger and needs his help. 

Trust doesn’t come easy for FBI Agent Nick Stone, especially when it comes to love, but he’ll risk it all for Katelyn Slade. 

Including his heart. 

Bullets fly, betrayals are exposed, and the flames from their past ignite. 

His protection might be what saves her but in the end she will be his salvation. 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Awe, Slick Nick.... I loved him in Beautifully insightful. He's cocky, charming and a lot like KC Lynn's other characters. 

Katelyn has always been one of my favourite secondary characters. She's always been loveable, sassy, and easy going. But she also has bad taste in men. The first man we see her with is a complete jerk when we first meet him, but it turns worse when we find out he beat her. 
The only man Katelyn has ever really been able to rely on is her brother, Slade. He helped her from their drunk father, kept her fed and safe all her life. So when he's accused of something she knows he didn't do, it kills her and she turns to the only other person who knows Slade the way she does. But it doesn't go as planned.... at first.

My God, from the minute Nick hits town sparks are flying. Nick is possessive, protective, and smitten with Katelyn. That doesn't mean they don't drive each other crazy, they do. 

I always wanted to know Katelyn's past and what happened, why her brother doesn't do family dinners, and when I read what happened, my heart broke for her. I could never, ever comprehend why a parent would mistreat their child, but what Katelyn's dad did, made me sick to my stomach. 
She is such an amazingly strong person and it inspired me to read. She pulled through everything thrown at her and came out wiser, stronger and more determined. 

In the middle of fighting for her brother's innocence, Nick and Katelyn fight there attraction towards each other, until it becomes unbearable and the two fall into each other's arms. And holy hell are these two hot together. The sex scenes are hot, but there's an anal scene and holy crap, it was hot. 

What made this book what it is, apart from KC Lynn's extremely talented writing, is Nick's words to Katelyn. 
KC always knows how to pull her readers in, always, but this story, Katelyn is so self-conscious, so unsure of herself and the future and Nick's words always came back to her. I think it's something everyone should remember to tell themselves at least once a day. 

                                         ''YOU ARE MORE''

We also get to know Kolan a little more in this book and I have to say, I'm intrigued and not because he owns a room in a BDSM sex club. Okay.... It is because of that, but it's also him in general. I want to get the real Kolan, not the scary, fighter, broody person he shows everyone else. I think there is more to him than people realise. I can't wait to read his story. 


Monday, 7 September 2015

KC Lynn Author interview

I am proud to say I have had the honor of interviewing the lovely KC Lynn. Hopefully this will give you an insight to KC and her writing. 

She's written the Men Of Honor series, Fighting Temptation #1Sweet Temptation #2Resisting Temptation #3 and The Final Temptation #4. She then went on to write her first stand alone novel, which really brings out the beauty in life with, Beautifully Insightful
And just when we couldn't get enough of the Men of Honor series, she has written a spin off series called Acts of Honor. An Act of Redemption is book one in the series and I can't wait, just like many others, to read what else she has in store for us. 

How many publications do you have and when was your first published novel?

At the moment I have six books published. My debut book, Fighting Temptation was released January 19, 2014.

What inspired you to write your first novel?

My love for romance novels was what started the initial thought. However, I've always been a daydreamer and I have hundreds of love stories that I've conjured over my 30 years. Ever since I was a young girl and fell in love with my first fairy tale my imagination started. I never thought about putting them down on paper until I fell in love with romance novels which was very late in my life.

Which part of the day do you tend to write and why?

Whenever I have peace and quiet. Lol! If my kids are gone at all during the day then I use that time to write. Then in the evening when my husband gets home I'm usually locked away until bed.

What would you say influenced you the most in life and in writing?

My imagination.

Has there been a certain subject you have had to write about that you've found hard? How did you overcome this?

Not really. A lot of the subjects I wrote about are controversial and often times heartbreaking and as hard as that can be sometimes I love it. I love feeling the pain of my characters then help them find their happiness.

What is the message you want to convey in your stories?

I love bringing awareness to the struggles and issues that go on in our world today. My goal in life is to shed light on the important topics while giving my readers an HEA, because lets face it, most of the time our world doesn't one.

What has been the best part of being an author?

There's so many. First and foremost was finding myself, finding what I'm meant to do on this journey called life. I truly believe I found that. Being able to purge these stories that I bear is incredibly therapeutic. Secondly is meeting all the people I have. I have incredible readers that have turned into very dear friends of mine. I've met people that I know I will have life lasting friendships with and that is very hard to come by.

Is there a certain genre you haven't written, but would love to write? If so, what and why?

No there is not. I am only passionate about writing romance so that will most likely be the only thing I will ever write. However, I would one day like to write a YA romance so when my daughters are old enough they can read it.

How do you research your subject matter?

I've been very blessed in meeting who have been able to give me a helping hand when I write about what I do. A major one is a guy who used to be under cover cop, government intelligence then onto to his own security firm where he ran many Navy Seal teams. He has been a huge source of information to me. Obviously lots of google searches as well.

When you started writing who did you write for and do you still write for that reason?

When I started writing I did it for myself. It was something I thought I would try, and to be honest I didn't think I would be good at. Mainly because I struggled in school so much. But from the moment I opened my computer and started, I found myself. After I finished writing my first story I remember telling my husband, "If ten people buy my book and all ten hate it then I will still write because I love it that much." Little did I know my world would explode and so many other people would love my story as much as me. Now I still try to keep writing for myself, but honestly I write for my readers too. The pressure with each book only intensifies, hoping that my readers will love it as much as my last. However, at the end of the day I also have to remember that the world is too big to please everyone all the time, so in the end I have to remember why I do it and be true to myself and characters.

Have you always wanted to be an author? If no, then what else did you want to become?

No I didn't. The thought never even crossed my mind which is just astounding to me since I'm where I'm meant to be. I didn't even find a love of reading until I was 28. Before this my thoughts were to teach once my kids went to school. However that won't be the case now. Lol!

Tell us something no one else knows, something about yourself. Whether it's a funny story, embarrassing moment, or just something random.

I once mistook my husbands twin for him. Only for about 5 seconds but it was 5 seconds too long. Lol!

I've read each and every one of your books and each book has such a deeper meaning than the love story. What inspired you to write such beautiful stories?

Well, first off thank you, I'm so happy you love my stories so much. Honestly, I'm not sure what inspires me for them. So many times through my life when I've seen such sad circumstances our world faces I always wished I was in a position to help make an impact. I found I can do that now through my stories and I love that I'm able to donate to certain charities because of my book sales. I'm finally getting to make that difference and I couldn't do it without my readers.

Can you give us an exclusive on future novels and WIP?

Right now I'm co writing a book with one of my best friends, K Langston. Her and I have teamed up to bring our readers Unlawful Justice. A romantic suspense story that deals with very serious and controversial issues our world faces today. It's a subject we are both passionate about and wanted to tackle together. Racism, corruption and injustice play very big roles in this story. It's been challenging to tackle but as you know controversial subjects is not something I shy away from. This story won't be for everyone but our goal is hoping to bring a little more peace and unity to our world. Hopefully we accomplish what we have set out to do. Even if that change is in only one person, it will be worth it. Thank you for taking the time to interview me and for your support. K.C. Lynn XO

Thank you KC for such a beautiful interview. It's been nice to get to know you that much better.

As a reader, I always want to know what makes an author tick, what makes them think of the story they come up with. It's a beautiful thing the imagination, and beautiful is what you get in all of KC Lynn's books. I've not read such inspiring books before I met this lady. She is brilliant.

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