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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Poles apart By Kirsty Moseley

He’s pole position… 

Carson Matthews, the hottest driver ever to hit the MotoGP circuit, is living the carefree, celebrity lifestyle. With little to worry about, other than keeping himself top of the leader board, his favourite weekend pastime is visiting a certain blonde at Angels Gentlemen’s Club. 

She’s a pole dancer… 

Emma Bancroft, a part-time lap dancer, is just trying to make ends meet. Her responsibilities weigh heavily on her, as does the secret she’s kept from everyone for the last two and a half years. 

The two of them are poles apart.

I remember getting the link to sign up for the cover reveal for Poles apart and Oh My God!!! I was intrigued from then and was dying to read it. 
If the blurb doesn't get you excited the first two pages will have you hooked. 

I was only meant to read a chapter while I waited for my friend to come and ended up losing track of time. She beeped her horn and everything. If it wasn't for the fact I was reading it from my phone I wouldn't have stopped reading to answer the phone lol!! (Just don't let her know that) 
Then I stayed up until one last night wanting... no needing... to finish it. I didn't though until today, my tired eyes won out. Damn them.

I can't really give a review where I give you a play by play of the book like some do because it would ruin it. Like, really ruin it lol. 
I fell in love with both characters from the first chapter. I was rooting for them and I never even got to know them. 
The book is set in London, so hearing familiar places written in the book was a nice change. I've only ever read one book based in England, so this was a nice read. Let's just say it's gave me hope that there is a Carson somewhere here in England lol. 

There is one part in the book where Emma and Carson are arguing. It changed my view on him so quickly. My heart was in my throat. I held my breath so much through the argument, gasping every now and again. God, it felt like I was there in the room with them. I wanted to beat him so blooming badly. How my emotions could go from a love sick puppy, to an angry woman is beyond me. I had to laugh at myself when I start ranting out loud over it, telling myself 'it's just a book' I really was a sight to see aha. 

The argument isn't the only emotion the book brings out in you. It's so captivating, so addictive, and raw that you'll have a hard time getting over it afterwards. I'm still trying to now. In fact, I'm thinking about re-reading it again I loved it that much. 
Has to be one of the best books I've read this year and I've read a lot. 2014 has been a good year for us readers with the amazing books being published. But for me POLES APART has just hit the top of my list. I've seriously fell in love. It's now my second favorite book EVER!! Oh and I should mention, the first is also from Kirsty Moseley ;) 

The ending had me weeping like a baby. Although I predicted what was going to happen at the beginning, it still did nothing to prepare me. I was a balling baby. It will have you on the edge of the seat. I found myself reading super fast just so I could see what happened. When I did, I went back to savor it, instead of acting like the words were going to disappear any second.  

Sorry for my overlong review that probably gives you nothing as to why you should read the book, other than it is freaking amazing. I swear to you, you won't be disappointed. It's a book you'll fall in love with, it's brilliantly written and will have you begging for more. 

5* and I really do wish I could give this book more, or give it a review that will do it justice because it really is a fantastic book. So glad I got an ARC. Knowing people could have been reading this while I sat reading some other book just kills me lol. Now I'm sounding like a mad women so I'm going to shut up. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Free falling By Kirsty Moseley

They say that your school years are supposed to be the best years of your life, and that you should make the most of them because you’ll miss them when you’re all grown up. Up until Maisie Preston’s senior year, she would have totally agreed with that statement. Life was great; she had everything going for her, excellent grades, great parents, an annoying yet caring twin brother, and an impossibly sweet boyfriend. 

Everything was perfect — that is until the arrival of Zach Anderson. A misfit delinquent that seemed to bring with him a lot of bad karma. Is it just a coincidence that his arrival marks a significant change in Maisie’s life? Up until senior year, life was perfect, but things seem to be going downhill fast. 

This is a companion novel for ‘Always You’ — though this novel stands alone so there is no need to read Always You first.

This isn't a new read for me, but I noticed recently that I hadn't reviewed it so I decided to read it again. 

Maisie annoys me in this novel. The way she kept going back to her cheating Ex like he didnt just cheat on her or stick up for the girl he slept with. I wished throughout the book she would see him for who he truly is. 
Now Zach on the other hand is a mystery. I seriously loved his character. 

This is another short review as I dont want to give to much away. All you need to know are the characters were great and the story plot was greater and is a 5* read. 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Enjoying the chase By Kirsty Moseley

Nate Peters is living the playboy life. He has great friends, a great job, no responsibilities, no girlfriend, and he loves it. Nate, being incredibly skilled with a pick-up line, has never failed to get a girl in his life… until one day he meets Rosie York. Rosie is completely uninterested in him. Being unable to stand a dented ego, Nate makes it his mission to win her over. Not used to putting in much effort, Nate is surprisingly enjoying the chase of this off-limits little brunette. Maybe he has finally met his match… But Rosie has a few surprises of her own which will make it remarkably more difficult for him to get close to her. 
Read on for my 5* review 

Huge fan of Kirsty Moseley. For some reason she is just one author that can capture the emotions of everything leading to love. Her writing is truly beautiful and i love all her work.

Now, I will admit it took me a while to get into the book. I found like it repeated itself a few times, but it didnt bore you.
The book is about a connection between two totally different people, and how sex doesnt mean factor into being in love. 
Loved both characters and couldnt help but love Nate's pick up lines. They had me in stitches lol. Some of the things he came out with literally had me laughing my ass off. 

Then we have the ending, oh my god could Kirsty get anymore emotional. I was crying like a starving baby. I can't even explain anything as to why as it would ruin the novel for you. So I hope you all enjoy :) 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Thirteen Tearjerker Novels

Have you ever read that one book that has made you sob your heart out ?. Made you cry for the characters, for the situation, for just the sadness that comes with life. 
Here is a list of my all-time favorite books that made me weep. Some books bring you sadness but then there are the spectacular ones that will stay with you forever. 
These are in no particular order .... 

  • Wishing for some day soon By Tiffany King  £1.91 in kindle store. This novel is about a young girl caring for her younger brother whilst trying to protect herself from her mothers on going beatings. It really tugged at my heart and the title is perfect for the book. 
  • The edge of never By J.A.Redmerski  £1.99 in kindle store. This novel will take you on an emotional journey. Literally. I was so overwhelmed by this novel it took my breath away.
  • Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire  £3.49
  • The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window By Kirsty Moseley  £1.85. I really LOVED this novel. The romance is empowering and the story line is heart breaking. One of my favorite novels of all time. Take a look at my review -->> My Review
  • Free falling By Kirsty Moseley  £1.85 in kindle store. Oh god this one had me in tears. I never saw it coming and neither will you. Finding your one true love then to have them taken away. To say life goes on is an understatement. Another fantastic read by Kirsty Moseley 
  • Hopeless By Colleen Hoover  £1.99 in kindle store. This novel will forever stay in my memory. I have yet to write a review on some of these novels but just because i haven't doesn't mean they aren't worth talking about. They are. This is another novel which tugged at my heart it more ways then one. Sky's life was something none of us could predict or even pretend to understand. 
  • Easy By Tammara Webber  £3.99 in kindle store. 
  • The Notebook By Nicolas Sparks  £3.99 in kindle store. who hasn't read or seen the notebook. seriously. It is one of the most tearful book and film i have seen. The ending broke my heart and i sobbed for a while. Having someone die of heart break just to stay with you is, god i haven't even got the right words. Overwhelming doesn't seem to cover it.
  • Safe Haven By Nicolas Sparks  £3.49 in kindle store. Ok i brought this book a while ago then learnt shortly after it was being released on film and neither was a disappointment. This book is about love, abuse and life in general. The book had me crying more then the film did because the words were so powerfully written. I will never forget the moment when Katie realizes who the woman who has being living near her and talking to her on a day to day basis. This novel will consume you, suck you in until you finish. 
  • Chasing Nikki By Lacey Weatherford  £1.91. Another novel that had me sobbing for a while and one i will always feel a pang of hurt for is this one. I could not believe the ending even until this day it breaks my heart. 
  • Rock chick reckoning By Kristen Ashley  £3.08. Like all other Kristen Ashley books they all have an emotional side but Maces story really torn at my heart. Maces whole story is heartbreaking and i promise you, you will enjoy this read if you haven't already.
  • Always you By Kirsty Moseley  A bargain at £0.62. Another fantastic read and another one to pull at your heart strings. The choices people make in life are sometimes the ones you have to live with for the rest of your life. Lucky for Clay, Riley new him more then she knew himself. Its romantic novel and at the end you will see the lengths people go to for someone they love. Read my review -->> My Review
  • Don't make me beautiful By Elle Casey  £2.99 in kindle store. This one is the most emotional book i have ever read of all time. read my review -->>My review

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nothing Left to lose By Kirsty Moseley

Nothing Left to lose

Annabelle Spencer’s life is every girl’s dream. She has wonderful parents, great friends, and of course the perfect boyfriend, Jack Roberts. That all changes on her sixteenth birthday when her life comes crashing down around her. Her dream night turns into a nightmare when Jack is murdered right in front of her, and she’s kidnapped by his murderer, Carter Thomas, a big time drug and arms dealer. 
After ten months of being with Carter, she’s found, but the experience has totally changed her. She’s no longer the happy-go-lucky girl that everyone used to know and love; she’s now cold, hard and suffers from night terrors. It appears that Carter broke not only her body, but her spirit too. A shadow of her former self, her slogan for life is now: ‘If you don’t care about anything, then you have nothing to lose’. 
Carter is currently serving time for the murder of Jack, a conviction that Anna helped secure. But his retrial is coming up because some key evidence appears to have been tampered with. Unbeknown to Anna, death threats are being received by her father, the Senator. It appears that Carter is still interested in Anna and will stop at nothing to get her back. 
Ashton Taylor is brought in to protect her. He’s a newly qualified SWAT agent, a bright spark, the agency’s new golden boy. He is assigned undercover, posing as her boyfriend. His job is to help her through college and keep her safe until the end of the trial in eight months’ time. 
For three years she has been the broken, damaged girl, refusing to feel emotion or pain, but can Ashton help her rebuild her life and finally deal with the grief of losing her childhood sweetheart? Will he be the one to make her see that life is, in fact, worth living and that not all men will hurt her? 
All the while, the shadow of the trial looms over the both of them, taunting them, reminding them that it isn’t over yet. After all, Carter Thomas will stop at nothing to be reunited with his ‘Princess’.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Always you By Kirsty Moseley

Always you By Kirsty Moseley

Riley Tanner has a best friend, a best friend a girl could ever wish for. He is loyal, trustworthy, funny and thoughtful. 
When Riley goes away for a long month to England with her mother and step father she comes back to a new school. A new school where her best friend Clay goes. 
With been away for a month Riley's friendship with Clay changes. 
Although they share a bed every week, give each other love bites, kisses, hand holding, there relationship has never gone out of those boundaries. 
But when her feelings for him not only sexually but emotionally she finds herself trying to save there friendship from ending thinking Clay doesn't feel how she feels. 
why would he? He has never had a girlfriend and also the biggest player in school. 

So when Riley decides to date someone else - no other than her best friends rival - things between them change. 
Truth about feelings come out, hearts are broken, and lives put in danger ........

The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window By Kirsty Moseley


The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window 

The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window 

Amber and Jake Walker have an abusive father. With Jake the abuse never went no further than physical. Amber suffered more than just emotional and physical abuse, her abuse went much further. 
They live next door to Liam - Jake's best friend. 
Liam see's Amber crying one night, so he climbs through the bedroom window to comfort her. Only he doesn't stop that one night. 
As they grow older Liam turns into a male player, who is confident, flirty and has never had a girlfriend. 
Amber and Liam have a rocky relationship - Love, Hate - where by night he turns into soft, caring, gentle Liam, then come morning he is back to his confident, flirty self. 

Amber starts to find herself looking at Liam differently. Only as the pair grow closer, how will Jake react to their relationship? 

This book goes beyond anything i have ever read. To say i was hooked was an understatement. Totally addicted to the book and is my all time favorite. 

So Amber is popular within her group, has an over protected brother and has her brothers best friend sleeping in her bed every night. 
The relationships in this books go to extremes. Its a full on emotional roller coaster. 
With Amber still suffering from the abuse from her own fathers hands, she finds herself trusting Liam. I mean who wouldn't, from a young age he stayed every night to comfort her. 
As times go by it wasn't just Amber needing comfort, Liam found he couldn't sleep with out her. 
As their relationship blossoms the more in love i get with Liam. He is utterly smitten with Amber and has been the second he lay his eyes on her. Only Amber seems to be the only one who doesn't know. 

The story that brings the friendship and romance together is upsetting. I found my self going through emotions with every turn of event. I found i cried a lot, laughed a lot and even swooned over Liam. 

This book deserves every award that is out there. I rated it 5* on Amazon and no matter how many times i have read it my rating always stays the same. 

I would recommend this to all my readers and followers without hesitation. 
Even though the novel has characters of a young age.
The age base i would give this book is, any. I don't think it hits a certain age group out there. 
I read this book with one sitting as i really couldn't put it down. 
Kirsty Moseley will not disappoint with 'The boy who sneaks into my bedroom window'