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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Archers Voice by Mia Sheridan Interview

Well i know i'm not the only Archers voice fan By Mia Sheridan. So i asked the author questions on this specific novel. 

1) What inspired you to create Archer as a character?
I came up with Archer's story because of a desire to bring a different type of hero to the romance genre. I really wanted to create a character with a disability… his other "differences" sort of evolved as the story came together.
2) In writing this novel did you have the urge to learn sign language or did you already know how to?
I didn't know sign language when I began Archer's Voice, but I did consult someone fluent in ASL and I watched lots of Youtube videos and learned how the language "works." It's really very beautiful.
3) Did you struggle through any scenes during the novel?
The scene I probably struggled most with was the strip club scene with Archer because I wanted to portray his innocence in a way that didn't make him look stupid, but just naïve and inexperienced. I probably re-wrote that scene 4 times before it felt "right."
4) Will there be a companion novel for Travis? If no have you thought about it ?
I have considered it, but if I do go there, it won't be my next book. Travis needs a bit of a time out for his bad behavior ;) and I need a little break from these characters. J
5) What was your muse for this novel?
I don't know that I actually have a muse when I write. I mean, I like to cast the characters so that I have a physical picture of them in my head, but really, my characters spring completely from my own imagination.
6) Archers Voice is a huge hit. It has a huge fan base. What would you say to the fans that have supported Archers voice and all your other work?
I would tell them how much it means to me that they've embraced a character that I was really nervous to introduce to the romance genre. I would say that in a category filled with alpha men and sexy vampires, the fact that my shy, disabled boy is so loved, is beyond fulfilling to me. I feel like it says really good things not only about the genre, but about the world in general. So my biggest message is thank you.
7) This novel has inspired a lot of people. What book or author has inspired you?
I really love authors like Colleen Hoover and Abbi Glines – they're just the crème de la crème to me as far as being able to create stories and characters that are relatable, but also emotional and leave you with a feeling of deep fulfillment at the end. I strive to do the same. J

Thank you Mia for answering my questions... hope to read more of your work soon