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Monday, 30 June 2014

Interview with Cassy Roop

Another amazing author interview coming up. Cassy has had me glued to her novels from the moment she sent me an ARC of The price of love. My reviews are honest and truthful, I spare no feelings when it comes to an ARC, because I feel its our job to give an author are insight to a story line. That being said, Cassy's novels are truly amazing. I honestly thought her first novel was a huge hit, but then she sent me Ashley's bend, and I got totally book-whipped. Seriously, couldn't get enough. She is now finished her second Celtic knot novel, and I cannot wait for you guys to read it. 
So meet the amazing Cassy, read her novels, and follow her progress, because this is one lady who is going to hit the book community massively. 

About Cassy 
Cassy has been a lover of all things romance from a young age. Her taste ranges from Sandra Brown to E.L. James and Sylvia Day. Writing has always been a passion, and thanks to a few great author friends, she has penned her first novel The Price of Love.

Lisa: The price of love is your debut novel .... what inspired you to write it?
Cassy: Other authors inspired me to write. I have always been a huge romance reader. Sometimes reading as much as 6-10 books a week. I love getting lost in a story and would rather read than do anything else. I decided I would just write my own story..

Lisa: If you could choose an author to mentor you, who would you pick?

Cassy: Sylvia Day. I actually got to have a video chat with her once. It was amazing. She gave me great advice :-)

Lisa:What books would you say influenced your life the most?

Cassy: I don't know about influenced me the most, but one of the most gut wrenching ones I read was So Much it Hurts by Melanie Dawn. The pure, raw emotions in that book were amazing. My favorite book of all time though is Gone With the Wind.

Lisa: Ashley's Bend is a completely different genre to The price of love .... what made you decide to write about a Dom ... BDSM? 

Cassy: I love erotic novels. I am not a shy person. I have always been interested in the BDSM lifestyle and the concept just came to me one day. Ashley and Dominic's characters are pretty strong willed and wouldn't give up until I wrote their story.

Lisa: Do you think after the Celtic knot novels you will write about same genre or will you adventure out to another genre?

Cassy: I have a few concepts in mind for after the Celtic Knot series. Kelly and Knox will probably get their own book, or a novella. I haven't decided yet. My other concepts will be erotic, but probaby not BDSM.

Lisa:As a fan of the Celtic knot novels, I would love to read about Knox and Kelly. Is there anything you found difficult to write about in any of your novels?

Cassy: The Celtic Knot Series came pretty easily to me. I didn't find it hard to write at all actually. Although I did tear up a bit at some of Dominic's anguish.

Lisa: So we will be reading more erotic from you in the future. :) what project are you currently working on? 

cassy: I am currently writing the final installment of The Celtic Knot Series called Triquetra. I also have a military romance and an erotic standalone on the books to pen.

Lisa:Is there a clue you could give us to how the celtic know novels will end? or will you keep us in suspense?

Cassy: When I write, I don't do an outline, I don't plan anything in advance. I let my characters speak to me. I have a general direction in which I want the story to go, but I write as I go. I can't give away any secrets, but I promise you that someone will get their HEA. I just can't say who.

Lisa: Now I definitely can't wait to read more .... From chats we've previously had I know you are a mother. How do you balance your personal life to your writing life? Do you have a secret tip to give us mothers?

Cassy: Yes, I am a mother of 3. Most of my writing is done at night and on the weekends. There are plenyt of times that I have a plot idea that hits me and I want to write it right then, but I can't. I make a note in my journal to help me remember it later. 
My family has had to sacrifice some of my time and cooking (as in takeout lol) in order for me to chase my dream. I am thankful that I have a supportive family.
My only tip is that I write every chance I get. Even if it is only 300 words. That is 300 words I didn't have the day before.

Lisa: What has been the highlight of becoming an author?

Cassy: I would have to say the biggest higlight has been the reaction to Dominic and Ashley's story in The Celtic Knot Series. To hear feedback that even one person loved Ashley's Bend so much they couldn't put the book down is amazing, much less 50!

Lisa: If you could go back to change anything what would you change?

Cassy: I honestly wouldn't change a thing. Yes I have made mistakes along the way, and I will probably make a lot more, but I have to just pick up and learn from those mistakes.

Lisa: It's time for me to say goodbye :( But before you go, is there anything you wish to say to your readers? You have a massive fan base (me included) what's it been like?

Cassy: Humbling can only be the word I use to describe how I feel. To even have one fan has been a dream come true, but to have all the ones I do? Amazing. I love talking and interacting with my fans more than anything. Thank you to everyone who has given this unknown author a chance to chase her lifelong dream. I love you all beyond words!

Links to buy her novels .... 
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