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Friday, 14 February 2014

Enticed By Ginger Voight Interview

So Many of you will agree after reading these Q&A that Ginger is an amazing woman and inspiring writer ...

1)If you could choose between Drew and Alex who would you choose?

I've always kind of approached the Fullerton brothers as two halves of a whole. Each of them have complementary strengths and contrasting weaknesses. So it's hard to pick one without the other. But I have to say I really fell in love with Alex during Entangled, specifically the part where he was helping Rachel overcome her personal fears. There's a strength in him that he doesn't even see. We see that come to fruition in Enraptured.

2) Johnathon is an amazing child and very clever. Is he a clone of a child you know ? If not What inspired you to create him as the child?

Thank you so much! He was based on a real child, but that child in question was a baby when I originally wrote the story. Much of Jonathan is an idea of what that baby would grow to be, with the strength and the compassion and just the genuine openness of a young heart in an old soul.The liberating thing about writing children is that you can explore that natural resilience that they have, even despite the baggage they might be required to carry. There's a hope there that just lights the path, no matter how dark. That's who Jonathan ultimately was to me.

3)What has been one of the best comments you have had about Enticed ?

When I decided to revisit this story and expand it into a saga between two brothers, I often wondered which team readers would ultimately join, #teamDrew or #teamAlex. I've done triangles before and it's always fascinating to see which readers gravitate toward which character. I got very early feedback where a reader put aside the romantic drama and happily ever after between the adults in favor for Jonathan's HEA. That touched me so much, because that was the biggest question mark I had over how this story would be received. Much of Book 1 was spent setting up the relationship between Rachel and Jonathan, and that was a risk given the current trend of hot and heavy romances that get to the action relatively quickly. So when a reader tells me that they fell in love with Jonathan, and his journey is the one they champion, it honestly takes me by surprise in the best way possible.

4)What was the hardest part of the novel you had to write ?

Book 3 was the hardest of the three books to write, because it deals with the kind of loss that I was working through personally when I originally wrote this story many years ago. I was crying when I wrote the outline, and it was perhaps the only book I've written to date where I actually had to stop writing because I was crying too hard to function. I've warned everyone from the start it would be tough. I just hope everyone will find the pain was worth it.

5) Enticed is a pretty real novel to read. I mean, it happens in every day life with parents acting as the children and the child acting as the adult. What inspired you to write this particular story ?

Originally I wrote this story as a form of therapy after my youngest son died in 1995. He was only nine days old when he passed, and so I crafted Jonathan with all the characteristics I had hoped for my own child. At the time, divorce was a plot device only. But since 1995, I went through my own divorce and ultimate remarriage. I was lucky in that my ex and my new husband were special men who were focused on the wellbeing of my children. We put aside any hurt feelings and became a team, a united front for the kids. It was something so many people couldn't understand. How could they get along? Why were we so amicable? My response was always why isn't everyone else? Marriages fail, but parenthood shouldn't. So when I revisited this story, I knew that was a point I really wanted to make. 

6) Will there be a happy ending for that poor little boy or will we have to wait and see? 

Unfortunately I can't give *too* much away. One team will obviously be devastated, but I hope that the legacy that the Fullertons are forging because of Jonathan will make all the sacrifices worth it. 

7) Last but not least. If you could say something to your followers what would it be? 

Thank you for loving these characters, especially Jonathan. When my son passed away in the dawn of his life, it felt like a broken promise. All the things that he could have been, and arguably should have been, were cut tragically short and my world dimmed considerably because of it. With every reader who falls in love with Jonathan, you breathe life back into my own lost child. One by one you have all restored him to me by giving him an immortality that transcends the temporary transition of death. It has truly been one of the greatest gifts of my career. I am humbled and grateful, more than words can ever say. <3 <3