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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Neighbor Dearest By Penelope Ward

After getting dumped, the last thing I needed was to move next door to someone who reminded me of my ex-boyfriend, Elec.

Damien was a hotter version of my ex.

The neighbor I'd dubbed "Angry Artist" also had two massive dogs that kept me up with their barking.

He wanted nothing to do with me. Or so I thought until one night I heard laughter coming through an apparent hole in my bedroom wall.

Damien had been listening to all of my phone sessions with my therapist.

The sexy artist next door now knew all of my deepest secrets and insecurities.

We got to talking.

He set me straight with tips to get over my breakup.

He became a good friend, but Damien made it clear that he couldn't be anything more.

Problem was, I was falling hard for him anyway. And as much as he pushed me away, I knew he felt the same...because his heartbeat didn't lie.

I thought my heart had been broken by Elec, but it was alive and beating harder than ever for Damien.

I just hoped he wouldn't shatter it for good.

Neighbor Dearest had me gripped from the start. 
Chelsea has just dealt with a bad breakup, one she thought would never happen. She loved her ex, Elec, but when he leaves her to be with his step-sister, Chelsea is left to pick up the pieces. Starting fresh she moves into her new building where she meets Damien. 
At first, she sees him as a trouble maker because the first time she meets him, he's painting graffiti on their apartment building. 
But little did she know, Damien owns the building. 

I loved how their friendship progresses through the book and because of his dogs too. 
It grew, their feelings grew and you feel every step they take along with them. I loved reading this book. 

It has such intense moments. Moments where I wanted to make everything better for the characters. 

I laughed, cried and laughed more during the book and have recommended this to other readers who have read and felt the same way I did about the book. I am hoping Damien's brother gets a book because I loved his character. I hope he ends up with Chelsea's sister. 


Thursday, 24 March 2016

Roomhate By Penelope Ward

Sharing a summer house with a hot-as-hell roommate should be a dream come true, right?

Not when it's Justin...the only person I'd ever loved...who now hates me.

When my grandmother died and left me half of the house on Aquidneck Island, there was a catch: the other half would go to the boy she helped raise.

The same boy who turned into the teenager whose heart I broke years ago.

The same teenager who's now a man with a hard body and a hardass personality to match.

I hadn't seen him in years, and now we're living together because neither one of us is willing to give up the house.

The worst part? He didn't come alone.

I'd soon realize there's a thin line between love and hate. I could see through that smug smile. Beneath it all...the boy is still there. So is our connection.

The problem that I can't have Justin, I've never wanted him more.

Gah, LOVED this book.

I came about it by chance on Amazon and thought, hey that sounds like my kind of book, so I gave it a chance and didn't regret it. Why would I? It was brilliantly written, had a man to die for, a strong independent woman who I really liked. She had morals, charm, whit, and was all round a caring and nice person. I loved her right off. 

She had just broken up with a boyfriend who had cheated on her when she finds out her grandma has died. She's inherits the house on the Island she finds out she hasn't been left all of it, her childhood crush, and best friend has been given the other half. 

After Amelia ran away after finding out something that Justin knew, she never returned. They both lost touch, both too stubborn to make something that was neither of their faults right again. I did expect the wedge between them to be much bigger, it was heartbreaking to know it was such a trivial thing that tore two people in love apart. 
We see how close their friendship is during the book, with little flashbacks of their past together and I loved how Justin was back then. He was so protective, so carefree and he loved his friend. But that's all she was. A friend. Both of them had feelings that ran much deeper than friendship, but both were scared they'd lose what they already had by scaring the other off. It was actual kind of cute. It's what first love is all about, and Penelope Ward captures that in her writing. 

Justin doesn't turn up alone, his long term girlfriend is with him and he's set out on making Amelia's life a living hell. Not only is there attraction still there, but so is his hate for her leaving him. It is there on the surface ready to blow at every moment they're together and I felt sorry that both had to go through that. 

My favourite part was the fact that neither cheated. I know Justin is the only one in a relationship, but Amelia had become friends with his GF. The fact his morals were just as strong as hers made me love them more. I honestly thought I'd be pulling my hair out, screaming at them to just get together already, but it wasn't the case. 

The author sends you on a journey where two first loves are brought back together. First they need to find their friendship before they can find that love again. I think they both knew that deep down too. 

Penelope wrote it beautifully and the struggling motherhood scenes is what did it for me. I don't think she could have written that anymore perfectly. She was so spot on with the troubles, the aches and pains of motherhood and did it in a way that she wasn't scolding a mother in anyway. I liked that. Struggles of motherhood are real, they are natural and they are hard. Penelope shows that in the book and it honestly brought tears to my eyes. 



Saturday, 29 August 2015

Cocky Bastard By Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

He was someone who belonged in my wildest fantasies instead of a rest stop in the middle of Nebraska.

A sexy, cocky, Australian named Chance was the last person I expected to run into on my cross-country drive.

When my car broke down, we made a deal. Next thing I knew, we were traveling together, spending sexually-tense nights in hotels and taking unplanned detours.

My ordinary road trip turned into the adventure of a lifetime. It was all fun and games until things got intense.

I wanted him, but Chance wouldn't make a move. I thought he wanted me too, but something was holding him back.

I wasn't supposed to fall for the cocky bastard, especially when I knew we'd be going our separate ways.

All good things must come to an end, right?

Except our ending was one I didn't see coming.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review......

Cocky bastard is written in two POV, and for me, the first half of the book, which is in Aubrey's POV was the highlight of the book. 

I've never laughed so much during a book in all my life. 
He's cocky, he's funny, extremely good looking, and has that whole bad boy vibe going on for him. 

I swear, I can't even begin to tell you how funny this book is. 
The book follows Aubrey's and Chance's travels to California, where they both have somewhere to be. 
When Aubrey let's Chance tag along with her in her car, I was like YES, I love him already. The minute he's in the car she's snapping at him. It's funny. 

But the best part of the journey is THE GOAT. Never and I mean NEVER am I going to look at a goat the same. I just can't. 

Whatever good reviews you've read on this, believe them, they are all true. Chance should have had his own book he's that good of a character. 

After their journey is over, and Aubrey is left to move on, the book moves on to TWO YEARS later, and we finally get Chance's POV. 

This is where the book went downhill for me. It was so boring. I got all excited wanting to read it from his POV, but I was let down. 
In fact, the whole ending was a disappointment. I felt like Aubrey strung him along, and in the end, it was her that didn't deserve a second chance. What she put him through was wrong, and I disliked her for it. I understood at the beginning, but once he explained she should have made a decision. You could see he hadn't had the best two years of his life, yet she was prepared to hold him back even more. It just seem right. 

But even with that said, I felt like the story line went down hill, and wish we could have had more of the journey to California, or more about the Goat. 
I love that Goat LOL

3.* for the whole book, but if I rated the first POV I would rate it a 5*

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Stepbrother Dearest By Penelope Ward

You’re not supposed to want the one who torments you. 

When my stepbrother, Elec, came to live with us my senior year, I wasn’t prepared for how much of a jerk he’d be. 

I hated that he took it out on me because he didn’t want to be here. 
I hated that he brought girls from our high school back to his room. 
But what I hated the most was the unwanted way my body reacted to him. 

At first, I thought all he had going for him were his rock-hard tattooed abs and chiseled face. But things started changing between us, and it all came to a head one night. 

Then, just as quickly as he’d come into my life, he was gone back to California. 

It had been years since I’d seen Elec. 

When tragedy struck our family, I’d have to face him again. 

And holy hell, the teenager who made me crazy was now a man that drove me insane. 

I had a feeling my heart was about to get broken again. 

What can I say. I came across this by accident, and bloody hell I'm so glad I did because I enjoyed it from the word go. 

Neither main characters are blood related, so let's get that cleared up. I was unsure about it at first, I mean, I have step brothers and sisters, and I'd ever look at them the way Greta looks at Elec. I mean, look, even their names are unusual. 
There relationship was a rocky one. You know the saying your mom used to say when a boy picked on you? ''It means he likes you'' well that was certainly the case with this book. I could tell straight off he did, and although he was a cocky, arrogant, nasty little shit at times, I still fell for him the same way Greta did. 
My heart also broke whenever hers did. It couldn't be stopped it was that emotional. 
It also has anagrams in it, and bloody hell they had me in stitches. Here is one that had me laughing the most. 

"Always Liquor before you poker" (They were at a casino) dirty meaning: "Always lick her before you poke her" 
Loved it. Loved both characters. I liked the novel had intense situations, humorous situations and excellent writing. 

Then we have the ending...(No spoilers) was amazing. I didn't know what to do. Cry, laugh, swoon, so in stead I did all three. Yes, all three. 


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Jake Undone By Penelope Ward

Jake Undone

Nina Kennedy isn't living, she is afraid of subways, heights, elevators, and plains, everything you can think of. That was until she met him. 
Jake is a smart guy with a heart of gold but he covers it up with his rough exterior, tattoos and his devilish smile. 
When Nina moves into her new apartment with one of her childhood friends, she meets Jake who also lives there. 
When he offers to help tutor Nina with her maths he asks her to face her fears with every exam result lower then an A. 
What neither of them were expecting was too fall for each other hard. 

But Jake has his own secrets, which could tear them apart ......