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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Interview with J.M.Sevilla

My interview with J.M.Sevilla...

With her upcoming book Marked part 2 being released tomorrow i had the pleasure of reviewing the novel for J.M.Sevilla. The book was amazing, even better then the first one and i thought that was hard. 
So after reviewing i sent J.M.Sevilla a few questions. Here they are .....

  1. What inspired you to write Marked ? I was watching Game of Thrones with my husband when I was hit with the urge to write a story about a girl falling in love with a hitman/contract killer. The minute I pictured Jay in my head he had the three scars over his right eye and I became obsessed with how they got there. A few days later, The Marker came to mind and Jay's desire for revenge. From there I had a story I had to start writing and couldn't stop.
  2. Marked part one was your first novel. You must be pleased for all the positive comments us readers have made. If you could say something to the readers you have read your novel and shared them. What would it be? I don't even know how to begin to answer this question! Thank you isn't enough. I want to send you all flowers, chocolates, pumpkin pie, hugs, a naked Brad Pitt, and about a hundred more things, but nothing would ever fully express my gratitude for how much it means to me that you have loved their story enough to want others to know about it. Whether it's verbally to your best friend, coworkers, a written review on Amazon, Goodreads, a blog that reaches hundreds or thousands, it doesn't matter to me. The fact that you loved it enough to share it with get incredibly emotional over it.
  3. What does your family think of your writing? My family is proud that I found the courage to put myself out there as a writer and that I'm following a dream. My husband is my biggest support. I wouldn't have started writing if it wasn't for him and his belief in me. Nobody has ever seen potential in me the way my husband does. He's taught me a great deal on what it means to unconditionally love and support someone.
  4. Marked part one and part two are pretty intense novels. All the characters are so realistic , are any of them clones of anyone in your life? Characters are my favorite part about writing and I love to dive into their heads and become them, no matter how crazy or out there they are. I get what I call character OCD, where my mind will create a character and I become obsessed with knowing every little detail about them, even the minor ones; I want to know their history, their likes, dislikes, everything!That being said, Lily and her mom are based a great deal on my own mom who I adore but tends to be naive and innocent when viewing the world and is far more trusting and understanding than she should be. The rest of the characters come from my imagination, with bits and pieces of traits thrown in from my own life experiences and observations.
  5. How long did it take to write Marked ? Part I took me close to six months from beginning to end, including second drafts and editing. Part II was halfway done when I released Part I and took me closer to five months to completely finish, as parts emotionally drained me and I would have to step away from it for a few days or more to recover.
  6. Sadly this is my last question. Is there any chance me and your other fans could convince you to write a companion novel to Marked ? I don't know about anyone else but i would love to hear about Charlie and Ben more. Please ...... :) I would LOVE to write more on other characters! Especially Vault/Ben, he's even a mystery to me, but that's what I love most about his character. He has been one of my favorite characters to explore as well as his bank – it makes my imagination go crazy!I really want to tell Hattie's story, as she's not who she appears to be. Timid yes, but there is so much more to her that would surprise and shock people.I fell in love with Charlie the minute I wrote him and hope to get the chance to explore him more.I struggled with Arianna from the minute I wrote her character, not knowing if I liked her or not. There were parts of Part I and II that I had to step aside and write her side of the story to really get a feel for her as I had so many conflicting emotions when it comes to her, but in the end she has become someone I care about and would love to get the chance to explain her more and the life she's lived.Obviously, it's really hard for me not to ramble on the subject, I just get so excited about my characters. But to actually answer your question, yes, I would love to write more with these characters!