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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Interview with M.A.Stone

Some of you may have already met M.A.Stone, but for those who haven't here is a little inside into the amazing, talented writer. I've known M.A.Stone for a while now and have gotten to know the real person inside all that remarkable brains. She truly is an amazing person, and a gifted author.

M.A. Stone has been writing and making up stories ever since she was a little girl and she got her Sesame Street coloring books taken away for filling them with dirty words. She was born and raised in Upstate NY(which oddly makes her sound like she is from Wisconsin)and has moved around all over the east coast.She currently lives in South Central PA with her amazingly sarcastic husband and her four incredibly entertaining children. Oh and her dog who weighs over 90 pounds, but thinks she is a Shi Tzu.

Here is how our interview went .....

Lisa: What inspired you to write Riveted?

M.A.Stone: I wanted to write a story about a family that's kind of like a patchwork quilt....not all the pieces are the same, some are so pretty but when you put them works, it fits. Bleu is a straight arrow...Axel isn't....their aunt and dad are close, but dad is in prison for murder....but when Axel goes missing...all of them come together to try and find him

Lisa: Do any of the characters relate to any of your family or friends?

M.A.Stone: Oh my god yes!!! SID is totally my husband....and Chloe is actually a lot like my piercer Ashley....everyone else...bits and pieces of me, my family and friends

Lisa: You have a family and a social life .... How do you manage to balance everything along with your writing? Any secret tips?

M.A.Stone: Honestly....I struggle everyday to balance work, kids, hubby time and writing. A schedule helps, but with doesn't always work. I tend to schedule my take overs for weekends after they are asleep or during the week after bedtime. I carry a notebook with me everywhere so even if I cannot physically get in front of a computer, I can write down a paragraph,an idea, etc. I think I will always struggle to fit it all in and that's okay

Lisa:  Back to your first novel Riveted .... What made you come up with that particular name? does it have a special meaning to you?

M.A.Stone: Riveted means, loosely, to be so focused, so attracted and/or entranced by something, you cannot focus on anything else...and that's what happens to Bleu in several situations throughout the book...the title, it just fit

Lisa:Is there anything you would change in Riveted if you could go back?

M.A.Stone: Hmmm
                   No I honestly changed so much. Second guessed a lot

Lisa: You have just published your second novel There goes the neighborhood which is a prequel to the Drawn series .... How many in the series will there be?

M.A.Stone: four or five 

Lisa: After the series is over what kind of writing will you be looking into doing? will you stick to the same genre/ same characters or will you try something new?

M.A.Stone:Its funny you should ask...I actually have a spin off serious in mind, plus two other books I started to write way before Riveted was ever conceived

Lisa: What will they be about?

M.A.Stone: The other two books are 3/4 of the way done...different characters, more romance
One is about a woman who goes back to her hometown after leaving a physically and mentally abusive husband...
The other is just a simple love story about a woman who falls in love with a minister named Jack Daniels lol
The spin off series would deal with the Diablo Demons 

Lisa: What project are you currently working on now?

M.A.Stone: I am working on Caught Up...which is book 2 in the Drawn Series

Lisa: Is there anything you can share with me that other readers don't know about yet, about what they have to look forward to with your work?

M.A.Stone: It's constantly changing...the depth, the antics of the characters involved.....and there is always some element of truth in each situation....

Lisa: what was the hardest part of writing?

M.A.Stone: writing my first Sex scene

Lisa: Last one now ... Is there anything you wish to say to your readers?

M.A.Stone: lol...of course!! Thank you! Thank you for reading, recommending, following and hanging out with me during take overs!! I am still amazed that I get to do this and people read it...I am so happy and I love my keep following me, reading...and reading some more
I am always willing to talk to my readers
 Through pm or email.  I love getting messages..non creeper messages
And soon I will be collaborating with a friend to write his story and he might appear in a drawn book beforehand

Lisa: Thank you for taking the time for me to interview you. Is there anything you would like to add before I let you go?

M.A.Stone: Hmmm that this was so fun..and I love your face??? Lol
Lisa: I can live with that :)

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