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Friday, 1 January 2016

Unlawful Justice By KC Lynn & K Langston

Seek the truth and you will find justice. 

The peaceful town of Harmony Falls, Texas, has been rocked to its core by an unspeakable crime. 

One that harbors revenge and injustice. 

Schoolteacher Olivia Bradshaw can’t remember what happened that horrific night, but it’s easy to see the effect it’s had on those around her. All she wants is for peace to be restored to her beloved hometown, but Deputy Grayson Taylor is on a different mission. He seeks truth and justice, and he’ll do whatever it takes to find both for Olivia. 

Lines will be crossed. 

Secrets revealed. 

Can justice prevail, or will the citizens of Harmony Falls succumb to the corruption and hate that continues to plague their small town? 

K.C. Lynn and K. Langston have teamed up to bring you a story about hate, race, corruption, injustice, and above all, love. A story that may change the way you view the world. 

I'm finally able to upload this review. It's taken me a while to get the blog working again, and now it's up and running, I wanted this to be the first review I posted. 

2015 was a year of great book, but this one will always stick out for me. 

I received an ARC of Unlawful Justice in exchange for an honest review. 

The teasers for this novel did not do the book justice. From the very first page I know this book was going to be powerful. And boy, was it powerful. 

The is placed in a small town called Harmony Falls. The place has a lot of history. Some good, some dark and some really dark. It also has hidden secrets. 
The story begins on such a high. I was literally at the edge of my seat, and it kept me that way all the way through. 
Olivia, the town sweetheart is caught up in the middle. When she's used as retaliation, something seriously bad happens to her. 
My heart had literally broken at this point and I honestly didn't know if I'd be able to put it back together. She's such a loving, good, kind, and generous character. She holds no judgment on anyone and is always looking at the good in people. 
When she's attacked I thought she'd lose that. But if anything, it brought that strength out in her. 
All she wanted was to get her town back to how it was. But with what happened to her, it started something, that would be hard to finish. 

Grayson Taylor is called to Olivia's farm when there's a break in, there's instant connection. He's working on a case that involves farms being broken into, crops stolen and barns burnt down. 

Grayson is the one to find Olivia and save her when she's hurt and my God. I felt like I was standing above watching the whole scene. It felt so real. Just thinking about it now has my heart beating faster. 
Their relationship from there only grows. He's so sweet to her. Protective. But more, he's there for her in a way she needs him to be there. 

Their romance continues into a beautiful, raw, and so powerful that you won't want it to end. 

But more than that, this story is just so much more. It's based on the actions, an consequences of racism. The two authors have gone above and beyond to get this novel to where it is. 
I want to write so much more. Talk about how powerful and emotional the story is. But I want everyone to feel what I felt when I read the story. To get enraptured in the story and the romance. 


I wish I could give it more, because it honestly does deserve it. I've found it hard to find a book that made me feel what this book did when I read it. It was amazing. 

"Seek the truth and you will find justice."  

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Fear Us (Broken Love Book Three) By B.B. Reid


It’s been four years since I ran away—from home, my brother, and my maybe father. I created a life free of expectations while pretending I wasn’t being hunted by all of the above. I managed to stay under the radar all this time… or so I thought. When big brother shows up and saves my ass, I’m forced to face everything I left behind, including her. 


It’s been four years since I became another statistic. I made a lot of mistakes when it came to Keenan Masters. The first was loving him at all. He took something from me the night he left, and when I told him I still loved him, he told me he’d always hate me. After that, I learned how to be okay… until he came back. Gone was the boy who always knew how to make me laugh, and in his place was a cold, arrogant monster. 

Firstly, I received Fear us as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Please note, that everything that is about to spill out into my review is not from hate, but from everything the book has made me feel. Which is what an author looks for when publishing a book. They want you to get angry, get upset, get annoyed etc. 

Secondly, when reading this book and the other two, I always here EMINEM FT RIHANA ~ LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE. Anyone else think the song is perfect for this series? 

Keenan, Keenan, Keenan. 
What can I say? Well, for one he's not the fucked up lovable character I was rooting for in the first two series. He's cold, calculated and a complete jerk. I always found it hard to understand Lake's love for Keiran, but during the second book I got it. 
But with Keenan, I didn't feel it, nor did I understand it. 

To understand what I mean more, you need to read it for yourself, but this book, as much as I loved it, made me furious. It's where the Eminem song came in. LOL 
Sheldon, four years on, is a single mother to Keenan's daughter, Kennedy. She's a lovable, forward three year old, and is so freaking cute it's untrue. I loved Keiran's interactions with her, he played the uncle pretty freaking well, and I loved seeing that side to him. 
Then he goes and finds Keenan, who has run off to do god knows what with god knows who ;) ;) 

When Kennedy is taken, Keenan is forced back and has the shock of his life. But instead of stepping up, taking responsibility, he blamed it all on Sheldon. Her kidnapping, her getting ********* and everything. It made my blood boil when they all accused her for being a bad mother because she couldn't protect her. I'm sorry, but crossed the line for me. It made me furious. 
And although I'm writing this and it may come across as negative, it's coming from a good place. This is what BB Reid brought out of me. 
Fear us isn't a fairy romance novel. It's raw, it's gritty, it's sickening, and its dark. It's not a boy meets girl and lives happily ever after. 

Keenan, in the four years away seemed to have changed when we see the book in his POV, but it soon turns out it's all an act. 

The story will have you on your toes, gripping your kindle, book, ebook, etc in a tight grasp and shouting until your throat hurts. 
Keenan is damaged, not only by neglectful parents, but from broken promises, broken love, and Keiran drilling it into his head hurting people is for his best interest. 

Sheldon, bless her heart is a strong woman. Not only is she in full time education, but she's also a single, full time mother who lives on her own. She tried to find Keenan at one point in the four years, but as time passed she resented him even more. He cheated, he lied, he manipulated her, then had the audacity to accuse her and treat her like she's the one in the wrong. I wanted to smack that boys head up the wall and tell him to wake up. He had a girl that loved him, forgave him time and time again, but then treated her like she was the one who had been unfaithful. 

It's a rocky relationship between everyone and Keenan, and the stress levels are high in the book. 

What really got to me though was Keenan's behavior towards Sheldon, the mother of his child. He hurt her. And I don't mean spanked her ass, and made her scream. 
I mean the sort of hurt that could get him arrested. He physically abused her, nearly killing her more than once, and she still slept with him. She didn't even like him. It wasn't the sort of torture Keiran inflicted on Lake. His was pleasurable to her, and he only hurt her emotionally. Whereas Keenan really wanted to kill her. It was wrong, and with a child in the picture no less. I just thought this was wrong. Really wrong and it made my blood boil. I wanted Sheldon to run away, to escape. She was willing to put her daughter in the line of fire with him. That is the only time I found her to be a bad mother. I wanted her to step up and tell him, I don't want you near our daughter. If you could hurt me so easily, be so callous and cruel, what is stopping you from touching our daughter like that when she steps out of line. 

That was the only sore subject for me. 
But like I said, the book isn't about happily ever afters and although he doesn't redeem himself, we do see a tiny glimpse of the old Keenan towards the end. 

The story line is well written and very well thought out. I can't wait to read the next one in the series. B.B.Reid really knows how to get your heart pumping. 


Sunday, 2 August 2015

That one night By Josie Wright

All it takes is just one moment to change the course of your life. For me, it was one perfect night. 
I have always had a thing for my brother’s best friend, Ben. When I found him on my parents’ couch, drowning his sorrows in a whiskey bottle, my attempts to comfort him quickly turned into a night of raw and intense passion. 
My foolish heart hoped he might feel the same way I do. 
But Ben wasn’t there to stay and I woke up the next morning alone with a broken heart. 
I attempted to forget the guy with a smile to die for and a touch that sets me on fire. 
I thought I was over him. 
I thought he was gone forever. 
Until, eighteen months later Ben returns and learns my secret. Now, he is hell-bent on winning me back. 
He plays dirty. 
And he won’t stop until he gets what he wants—me. 

But he has secrets of his own. 
Secrets that could destroy everything we might have and everything we are.

A few of my followers are huge fans of 'Loves brothers best friend' novels, but I'm not usually that keen on them, they're usually so predictable. They sneak around, they get caught, the boyfriend and brother fall out, bla bla. 


That one night is nothing like that, at all. In fact, the title pretty much sums it up. They spend one night together, both had a drink, both attracted, but that night set all the motions for the path the two characters lead up to. 

Ben has grew up with Frankie, been best friends with her brother from the time he moved in a few doors down. He's always his attraction to her, so he thought, but then after THAT night, he disappears without a word, or a note to say where he went. 

Frankie woke up after their one night with a note saying 'sorry' but what Ben could never have predicted was the constant reminder Frankie will forever live with. 

Ben returns but the rift between Frankie and her family is stronger than ever and when secrets are revealed, Ben ends up heading home with Frankie. 

The plot to the story was great and well thought of. I kept getting annoyed with Ben keeping his past a secret, I wanted him to be honest with Frankie, but also, it was killing me not knowing. It's what was keeping the two apart, and boy do they belong together. 

The ending was just as good and was proud when Frankie stood up to her family once and for all, telling them where to go. If my mom and dad treated me like that I'd never speak to them again. I wouldn't put myself in that situation. But Frankie is strong and I LIKED that about her. 


Smolder By Graylin Fox

Clinical psychologist Ellie Quinn is starting a brand new job at a hospital in Savannah. She doesn't expect the amorous attentions of quick-tempered ex-cop Owen Mata and handsome Russian surgeon Dmitri Komarnitskaia. But choosing between the two is soon the least of her worries. When she persuades a battered woman to leave her husband, Ellie finds herself the target of a sinister serial killer, and something about the case is making Owen increasingly unstable. Only with Dmitri does she feel safe, but if she can’t bring her psychological skills to bear to catch the killer, she won’t be the only one in danger.

I thought this book was going to be a love triangle between the three characters above, but it's not. It's pretty certain who she chooses very early on in the book. 

I actually found the book really interesting. It's the first time I've read a book like this, a thriller so to speak, so I was surprised how much I LOVED it. 

Ellie starts her new job meeting Dmitri straight off the bat in the parking lot, and when she is in side and meets her first case, the case that puts her in danger, she meets the Owen. 

Never believe what you think reading the book. I'm telling you, I had so many scenarios running through my head, thinking I had people figured out, but I never. 

There is more to Owen then the quick bad temper. He is more than that, and I never saw it coming, at all. 

My first thoughts on Dmitri was that there was something off about him. He was nice ALL the time, and it didn't bode well with me.

The ending of the story had me on edge. I literally couldn't put it down and if one of my kids needed me I had that phone glued to my hand, never taking my eyes away from the screen LOL 

All in all I loved this book and would defo recommend it. It so funny in places I had to screen shot it and send it to my friend. The ending was the funniest. The situation was so serious, so outrageous, but the things she thought or said, was just WOW LOL I laughed so hard. 

4.5 * 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ride steady ( The Chaos series Book Three) By Kristen Ashley

Once upon a time, Carissa Teodoro believed in happy endings. Money, marriage, motherhood: everything came easy–until she woke up to the ugly truth about her Prince Charming. Now a struggling single mom stranded by flat tire, Carissa’s pondering her mistake when a vaguely familiar knight rides to her rescue on a ton of horsepower. 
In high school, Carson Steele was a bad boy loner who put Carissa on a pedestal where she stayed far beyond his reach. Today, he’s the hard-bodied biker known only as Joker, and from the way Carissa’s acting, it’s clear she’s falling fast. While catching her is irresistible, knowing what to do with her is a different story. A good girl like Carissa is the least likely fit with the Chaos Motorcycle Club. Too bad holding back is so damned hard. Now, as Joker’s secrets are revealed and an outside threat endangers the club, Joker must decide whether to ride steady with Carissa–or ride away forever…

I received an ARC of Ride Steady from Netgalley...... 

I LOVE Kristen Ashley. 
Like all OF her work. 
Not one book I've rated lower than a 3*. And what I love most is her men. No one can beat her hot, alpha males. Carson is no different, I LOVED him. 

This book holds so much truth it's unbelievable. Not many couples stay together when they have a baby or when they're married. It's like they say: you have to kiss a lot of toads before you kiss you're frog. Its the way I see Kristen Ashley's books. All her female characters have given themselves up to a man, and found it wasn't the one they were destined to be with. It proves my theory with the whole frog part, because as soon as they meet one of KA's men they go ga-ga for them. Which, I would totally do the same. 
I loved her little lad, he was so freaking adorable and I could honestly connect to her as a mother. 
Her ex husband is a complete ass. He stops her from breastfeeding cause of it being inconvenient for him, he cheats then moves his mistress in, then getting engaged before the divorce papers are signed. 
I felt so sorry for her because all she wanted was to be a wife and a mother. She was so perfect for it too. 
As soon as she meets Carson, who she already knew but didn't know it, her ex husband starts showing interest again, making her life and their little boys hell.

Carson has changed who he is. He runs from home at eighteen I think it was, before he finished school anyway. But he leaves to find himself, to get away from his abusive father. 
Years later he comes back as Joker, not as Carson. He pulls over on the side of the road to help a woman in need, Carissa, and he's disappointed when Carissa doesn't recognize him. 

I loved all the other characters and it was great seeing all the others and how they brought Carissa into the fold so easily, making her come out of her shell. It's what true friends are and for people who didn't know her, they took her in just like that. 

The story flows really easily, but I have to say I was disappointed with the ending in a way. I expected more drama, more action, just more...
I was hoping her ex husband would be out of the picture by the end of the book, but it all ends differently than I anticipated. 

In all I rate the book 4* 

Monday, 8 June 2015

Coming out (Hawks MC Novella) By Lila Rose

Living a lie, Matthew ‘Mattie’ Alexander is exhausted. It’s not easy to keep up the pretence, the deceit, but it’s safer. Coming out to a world that so easily hates takes a courage he’s yet to find, so he pretends – pretends to be into women – pretends to love being a part of the university’s football team. It keeps him safe, hidden. 

Until he meets Julian. 

From the moment they first meet, Mattie knows life is about to change. He’s yet to determine if it is for the better or worse. Living life through laughter, Julian is lonely. Without the jokes, the humour, he would be living on the edge of depression. Succumbing to his controlling father’s demands, Julian finds no joy in the path laid out before him. 

Until he meets Mattie. 

As soon as they cross paths, Mattie has the power to drive Julian’s man parts crazy with lust. But can lust be enough to help Mattie out of the closet, and guide Julian into a happier place? 

Limits will be pushed. Rules will be broken. But it’s only together, that they will have the strength to overpower fear, fear of themselves and fear of others. Just how far are they willing to go in the aim of coming out?

I've not read any M/M romance novels. I've read M/F/M, but never M/M and believe me when I tell you this book is the fucking shit. 
It's so freaking hot it's unbelievable. 
Julian is one of my favourite characters from the Hawks MC series, and in Black out we see a side to Julian that is tortured, pained and so freaking traumatized that it breaks your heart. But no one knows exactly what he went through.
I honestly thought back when he first came into the series it was just his parents not accepting him being gay but it's more than that. My God is it more than that. 
I don't want to give too much away, but his father and mother are completely sick in the head. Not only did they not accept Julian, a caring, loyal, wonderful, beautiful, caring man, but they tortured him throughout his whole life. Even at the age of thirty something does his father still control his life, beating him, telling him how to act, where to work. 
It's how he meets Mattie. His father makes him a masseur for a local football team where Mattie plays. I think he did it more so the players could make Julian feel like shit, maybe even hit him. It backfired somewhat, even though there were a few players who were complete jackasses about him being gay, there were a few who didn't care. Mattie being one of them because as soon as he looked at Julian he knew, he knew he was the one. 
You see, Mattie has been struggling with being gay. He's hidden it well and the only person to ever know how he truly feels is his ex girlfriend who he confided in. 
Anyway, Julian has had a pretty shit life and this book really tore me apart. His own flesh and blood sent him to his grandfathers knowing he would be beaten and raped. It's how his father managed to control him for so long, he threatened to send Julian's cousin who is barely a teenager to him. He didn't want that, so he listened to his father. 

The sex scenes in the book, the seduction, OH MY GOD, it was off the charts HOT!!!!! No book has ever been this hot and I swear, Mattie and Julian could turn the straightest of men gay with this book. They make everything so erotic, it's sexy as hell. 

Overall, because I don't want to give anything away, the book is seriously brilliant and so worth the read. Lila Rose always does this for me, but this book is something else all together. It's different from the other books and to see both Mattie and Julian in different lights was amazing. It really made me think about other couples in their situation and if they've gone through the same thing. I know there are still people out there against gay relationships, but for me, you love who you love and one day I pray that people will get over it and see past two men or two women together and see the love they share for each other. This book is a great example. Mattie's parents, straight off the bat, and the word I'm gay, were so supportive of him. They didn't make a big deal, or get mad, they said okay you like cock, bla bla, and that was it, they just made sure he knew they loved him no matter what. It was so emotional I had to try and stop myself from balling like a baby. 

The ending to the story is what really through me the loop. I'm not sure whether I got what was happening right or not, so I will ask Lila when I next speak to her, but let me tell you, either way, it's one hell of an ending for their book. I seriously couldn't stop the tears from falling I was that happy for them. 

5* and if I could, I'd give her more than 5 because this book deserves so much praise. It was really good start to finish. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Dearest Clementine (Dearest series #1) By Lex Martin

Twenty-year-old Clementine Avery doesn't mind being called bitchy and closed off. It's safe, and after being burned by her high school sweetheart and stalked by a professor her freshman year of college, safe sounds pretty damn good. 

Her number one rule for survival? No dating. That is until she accidentally signs up for a romance writing class and needs material for her latest assignment. Sexy RA Gavin Murphy is more than happy to play the part of book boyfriend to help Clem find some inspiration, even if that means making the name of research, of course. 

As Gavin and Clem grow closer, they get entangled in the mystery surrounding a missing Boston University student, and Clem unwittingly becomes a possible target. Gavin tries to show Clem she can handle falling in love again, but she knows she has to be careful because her heart’s at stake…and maybe even her life. 

Ahhhhh, this book just made me swoon all the way through. I couldn't get enough. I just wanted Gavin in my life and I still do. 

It misses out a major part in the story, I think if we had known what happened between Clementine and her professor than I would have felt more excitement and felt more towards her in that aspect of the story line. But because we never, I never really connected to that part. I never really understood. You see, she's an English Major and asked her English professor to edit her first novel. When he becomes to close she backs off asking him to leave her alone, but then he attacks her one night,nearly raping her. We don't read about this, but we hear it from her when she's telling someone what happened to her. I think the book should have began with this happening to her and moved on from there. 

It didn't ruin the book for me though, I loved it start to finish and fell so in love with the two main characters I could have kept reading about them. 

Clementine is back for a new semester and is taking a new class, one she chose by accident. With her romance writing class, and her bills stocking up, she struggles to write a new novel. So when Gavin offers to be her book boyfriend, for him to give her the inspiration she needs, she agrees, loving the way she feels when she's around him. because of her last relationship ending the way it did, she only knows about heartbreak, so he teaches her something new, but she still finds it hard to trust.
I found them so cute together. I loved them together. 

She doesn't have much interaction with her old professor but the times that she does they aren't pleasant. Apart from those two interactions he stays pretty much out of the book. 

I loved the story line that is going on behind the romance part, the mystery of the missing girl on campus. I think that kept me intrigued, and although I guessed pretty early on, the ending still surprised the hell out of me. I never expected it. 
I'm so glad I took a chance on this novel, especially as it was up for FREE and I will be reading the next two books in the series.


Breaking Noah By Missy Johnson and Ashley Suzanne

What happens when you start falling for your worst enemy? Fans of Abbi Glines and Monica Murphy will relish this addictive novel of smoking-hot seduction—and revenge gone so wrong, it’s right.
I wasn’t always this jaded. I had a clear head, things I wanted out of life, and a concise plan on how to get there. For being only twenty-one, I pretty much had it all figured out. Until the day my cousin died.
I spent months going over all the details surrounding her death, trying to figure out how I missed the signs, and the only thing I could come up with was she would still be alive if it wasn’t for one person: her professor. So I transferred to his college, enrolled in his class, and set my new plan in motion.
First I’ll seduce him. Then I’ll ruin him. I’ve just got to stay strong and not let his charm and my emotions get the best of me. Because someone has to pay for her death. If it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to break Noah.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review..... 

I don't usually go for the teacher student romance. It always feel cliched to me, but with Breaking Noah, I found it was more than just a cliche. It was about mourning, revenge, needing answers. It's also an erotic novel that will surprise you. 

Zara is set out on finding out the reason why her cousin, her sister, her best friend and soul mate committed suicide. The only thing she has to go by is a letter she was sent from her cousin. It turned out Karly had been having an affair with her professor and got pregnant and he had threatened her some how. So Zara transfers schools, moves in with her boyfriend (Karly's bestfriend too) and goes to the school and takes lessons so she can be close enough to Karly's professor to ruin him. 

Noah isn't what Zara pictured him to be, but she finds herself not falling for the act... or does she??? 
She's hot on his tale and doesn't let him give her no for an answer. She plays on his weakness all in order to ruin his life and career and get Karly the revenge she deserves. 

The story grow closer and she finds herself falling for him despite her plans to continue to ruin him. It turns out she should have gotten answers beforehand. Nothing was at it seemed. 

I honestly didn't see the story line heading where it did, and I found myself questioning Zara a lot during the third of the book. Even I could see Noah was a good guy, but she didn't want to believe it, although she felt it whenever she was around him. 
Both are in relationships, so the relationship isn't just forbidden through school, which makes their scenes even hotter. 

The only problem I found with the book was Karly's suicide. I thought it was TOOOOOO extreme for why she did it. She could have moved on, begged for forgiveness, moved away, but she chose to end her and her babies life for nothing, for a nobody. That I really didn't get. It seemed so extravagant for something so small. 

I loved how the story flows and how it ended and I'm glad I got a chance to read and review this novel.


Monday, 20 April 2015

Reed ( Allen Securities #1) By Madison Stevens

Olivia Cross left behind her abusive alcoholic mother to move on to a better life, a new job at a library and a chance to actually get ahead. All of that is threatened when her brother drags her back into the seedy world of greed, violence and corruption she’s tried desperately to flee. 

Private security contractor Reed Allen isn’t about to let a burning attraction rope him in again. He’s already felt the sting of letting his heart rather than his head lead him. He’s just there to do the job and get paid, even if a certain spunky beautiful librarian has him feeling things he thought long since buried. 

Keeping Olivia safe is the easy part. Resisting their passionate urges could prove to be much harder. 

They’ll have to mend their broken hearts and move on from their painful pasts for a chance at a future.

Oliver Cross finds herself in the crossfire when her brother Ben drags her into the world of the seedy, violence, greed and corruption. 
She's not new to the violence, or the greed part in life as she grew up with an alcoholic mother and violent boyfriends. 
But she's determined not to turn out like her mother. She wants a good life. So starting her new job at the library she's shocked to find her little brother bringing his troubles to her doorstep. 

Reed is a private investigator and is currently undercover for someone higher up in government. But when a feisty, passionate, vulnerable Oliver gets in the way he's at mixed emotions on what to do. 

Apparently he's been burned before, but as I said in Ryder's review, nothing ever is elaborated.  I got a bit of what happened, he was on a job, bla bla bla, the woman burned him and nearly got him and his brother killed. But how did they meet? How long were they together? Did he love her? Is that why he didn't see what a liar she was? Nothing was ever mentioned and it started to get my back up because Ryder, which is the first book I read, but is book four, is the brother who nearly got killed with Reed. But even in his book, nothing about his scar was actually explained. Like how he did it. It's still driving me mad now and I know it's only a book LOL 

Anyway, Reed decides to protect Oliver, but he sure likes to make an ass out of himself and does the unthinkable when they first have sex. I would never have forgiven him or felt like I could share a bed with him again, but after a night away, Oliver flew back in his arms. GRRRRR. LOL 

The story has the mafia, made men and a lot of twist and turns. I also got confused on who was who in a lot of it because again, nothing was ever explained. It's like we got the outline of a story, but my God the stories are so freaking good. 

4* because I did still enjoy the actual story. 

I will warn readers who are going to buy this, it does need editing, grammar checking and another read through. 

Total Surrender (Sin Brothers #4) By Rebecca Zanetti

A fight he must win . . .

Piper Oliver knows she can't trust him. They warned her that the tall, dark, and sexy black-ops soldier Jory Dean would try to win her over with his steel-gray eyes and deadly charm, but she won't be conned by this man they call a traitor. All she has to do is figure out the science necessary to save his life, and she's done. Something isn't adding up, though, and she won't rest until she uncovers the truth-even if it's buried in his deep, dangerous kiss. 

A passion she can't resist . . .

Jory will do anything to reunite with and save his brothers-even kidnap the gorgeous woman who's working to deactivate the deadly chip in their spines. But the forces determined to destroy his family won't let them go so easily. Keeping Piper alive is more than he bargained for-and so is his burning desire for her. But with every second bringing him closer to certain death, can he afford to lose himself in her hot and willing embrace?

Gah, where do I start? hhhmmmmmmm
It's been a few weeks since I've read this. I've only just managed to find the time to write my review. Yes, I know, I really need to keep up to date. aha 

If you've followed the series you will know that the hot Dean brother's are test tube, engineered soldiers, raised by the commander and his sidekick Dct Madison. 
From the start the brothers are set out to destroy the commander and his experiments, they are also fighting to find a way to deactivate their deadly chips, planted in their spines. 

This book is them fighting to complete their task and we finally get to meet the famous Jory, who we all thought was dead from the beginning. I have to say out of the books this one is the best written. I felt like I had been there along with them, the anticipation of what would happen killing me. Even down to the explosions, and I don't just mean bombs, but between Jory and Piper. 

I loved Jory. Loved everything he represented and believed in. He fought so hard for his brothers, not caring about his own safety. My heart literally stopped when we found out his chip was damaged and couldn't be wirelessly picked up. 

Jory will stop at nothing to protect his brothers, including using the new computer tech to do it. His feelings towards her, just like the other brothers and their women, aren't the same as his normal feelings for women are. He's been locked up, and in a comma for two years and that's not including before they escaped the facility. So when Piper finally decides to take in what Jory is telling her, things start to go as planned as they can for the Dean brothers. 

I will have to say more surprises popped up through this book and nothing in here dragged, confused me, or even deterred me from the story line. In fact, after finishing I went back to read the first three books. It's how much I love the characters. This isn't my usual type of book and the writing style isn't something I can usually read easily, but with this one, I read it just fine and loved every single minute of it. You can really expect a lot from this book in the series. 

Defo 5* And I'm pleased to say that there will be more coming from these boys. 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Keela (Slater brothers Novella 2.5) By L.A.Casey

Keela Daley is stressed out. She is moving out of her dog box sized apartment and into her first house with her fiancĂ©. Moving house is a dreaded task, and Keela would love nothing more than for things to go quietly and smoothly, but when you’re engaged to a Slater brother, nothing goes quietly or smoothly. Nothing. 

Alec Slater loves his woman. He also loves playing games and surprising her. Picking moving day to do both, turns out to be a failure of epic proportions. Alec wants to make it up to Keela for his mistakes, but as the day goes on, and things go from bad to worse, he doesn’t know if living with him is something she wants anymore. 

What started out as a simple day of packing and moving house turns into the day from Hell. Unwanted house guests. Business propositions. Alcohol. Pregnancy tests. Panic attacks. Fighting. Arguing. Sex, and everything else that is crazy and represents the name Slater. Keela has a choice to make, and not one she will make lightly. 

Keela adores Alec, and what Keela adores, Keela cherishes.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Okay, first off, this has nothing to do with the story.... kind of. 
When I first read by L.A.Casey that she was doing novellas in between the books, I got excited. I thought we were going to get little snippets of the brothers POV. Especially with how this one ends, it would be really good to see some in one of the brothers POV. We get a whole novel of the girls, then another with the girls POV.... seems pointless.... I want to get into those boys mind argh LOL. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed Keela. I do wish we got it in Alec's POV, but still. I really do think it was a great way to start off the new novel for Kane. It really has me dying to read it. I want to know what's going on. 

Anyway, the story is about them moving, about Keela and her fears. Which are all things woman freak over. I've moved so many times I know how stressing it can be, so I felt for Keela. Only thing I can't believe is that they packed up and unpacked in a day. Okay, unpacking part yeah, cause I've done that. But, to start packing the day you leave?? I want to know their secret. When I moved from my flat to my first house, it had taken me a whole bloody week LOL 

I loved the way they played games on the boys and how they reacted. Especially Kane. He had me in stitches. 

The ending is emotional. I can't wait to read his story and to read L.A.Casey writing a serious and emotional story line. If it's going how I think it's going LOL I may be totally wrong. But I love Kane. 

Make sure you check out Keela before purchasing the next Slater brother novel. You also get the first chapter into Kane's book. Well, Adriana's. 

Oh and I love the DOG !!! He's like another character all together. Love him LOL 


Existing By Beckie Stevenson

Roisin Williams is desperate to be the girl that blends into the background. She doesn’t really speak and she doesn’t want to be spoken to. This is the only way she knows how to protect the secret she’s kept hidden for her whole life. 

Lance Williams knows that his daughter doesn’t behave like a normal seventeen year old girl and he’s worried. He decides a fresh start, away from their house that’s full of old, painful memories is a good idea. A new home, in a new city where no one knows her can only be a good thing for Roisin, right? 

Wrong. Cannon Beach is home to Cabe Evans. He’s smart, polite, kind and ridiculously attractive, but he doesn’t date - ever. At school, he’s popular, outgoing and has all the girls falling at his feet, all of them except the new girl, Roisin, who seems to do everything she possibly can to avoid him. 

When Cabe’s intrigue gets the better of him he tries to figure out why Roisin wants to hide from everyone, but soon finds himself caught up in a tangled web of deceit, torment and anger. 

Can Cabe rescue Roisin before it’s too late, or will her secret be the death of her?

I took a massive chance on this book. The blurb didn't grab my attention, or the story line. I felt like i had read the story before. 
Boy was I wrong!!!!!
The story is so much more then boy meets girl, boy saves girl...... bla bla bla. 

Rose aka Roisin, moves to a new city. She lives with her dad, step momster and little sister who she adores. 
Her little sister is beyond cute and Rose literally raises her. She has her whole life while her dad works all hours he can and avoids taking any serious notice at home. 

When they move to Cannon Beach, Rose sees it as a fresh start. Having being labelled the freak at her old school she wants to try and be normal. Not that I think she isn't. It works, she meets her friend Ashley, and then Cabe. 
Only, having friends has bought on what she always feared. That people will notice the battered, abused girl. 

I won't get into the whole mess with her step mom as it will ruin the story plot. Although I guessed pretty much before it was revealed, I still felt like I was say on the edge of my seat reading it be revealed. 
I felt deeply sorry for Rose. 
She's such a loving character and adores her sister with everything she has. 

I like the fact that the author added in the ghost. When I first read that it had one, I was a little unsure, but now having read it, the book wouldn't have been the same had that part not been there. 


Fighter By Tijan

All of Dale's brothers help with their bounty hunting business, all except her. Wanting out of that life, she left for college, but on her first morning back home for the holidays, she’s back to chasing after a bail jumper. When she realizes the jumper is her ex-boyfriend, Jax, Dale gets dragged into helping him evade her brothers so he can win an underground fighting competition. Jax has to win the competition to help his sister, but soon sparks fly between Jax and Dale. Old wounds are reopened, and Dale may need help herself because she’s close to falling back in love with her Fighter. 

Fighter is only a short novella by Tijan and I have to say, this is the reason I hate novella's. I wanted MORE!!!! Although I am happy it's going to be released as a full length novel. 
Also, I'm praying like hell that the other brothers in this book get their own book too because I loved all the characters. 

It seems Dale broke up with her boyfriend after she thought he had cheated on her. He had also been going through a rough time back then, so them breaking up was the best thing to happen to Jax. 

Then, she comes back from college to work with her brothers, to find their bail jumper is no other than Jax. Once Dale finds out why he's out on bail in the first place, and why he can't get caught until a certain date, she decides to help Jax hide from her brothers. 

The book has so many humorous parts I don't know where to begin. The best for me was the chicken part. You'll know if you read it or if your going to read it because you'll be laughing too. 

All in all I really enjoyed it. 


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Be with me (wait for you Book Two) By J.Lynn

There are a lot of reasons why Teresa and Jase should steer clear of each other…
Firstly, Teresa is Jase’s best friend’s little sister – and Jase has a pretty good idea of how Cam will feel about anyone messing her around.
Secondly, Teresa’s dreams of being a dancer have just been put on hold – maybe permanently. The last thing she needs is a player like Jase distracting her when she needs to find direction.
Thirdly, Jase has a secret. A big one. And he’s not ready to risk sharing it with anyone apart from the people closest to his heart.
But there is one electric reason why they can’t stay away from each other…

Be with me is the second book in the wait for you series. Teresa is Cam's little sister, who we meet in the first book when Cam takes Avery back home for thanksgiving. Here is where we find out Teresa was in an abusive relationship with her ex. Cam had found the bruises on her body and attacked Jeremy her ex nearly to death. 
Years later Teresa is still handling what happened with her. She's not broken over it, but she's also not moved on as such. It's always there in her head. 

Bring in Jase, the boy who Teresa has crushed on for years, shared a kiss with and is now going to the same college as him. He's also her brothers best friend. Although we didn't really see Jase in the first book, it always seemed Ollie, Cam's roommate was the bestfriend, but it seems Jase and Cam do go way back. 

He's attracted to Teresa, but it's not just the fact her brother is his bestfriend but because of something else, because of his past. I had guessed the story really early on in the book. It seemed too obvious to me what he was keeping. It didn't ruin the story for me though. It doesn't take long into the book for it to be revealed anyway, so it had no part in the big ending. 
Which by the way is freaking awesome. 

As Teresa has had to take time away from dancing to recover a fall where she damaged her knee, she was late for dorms. In the end she had to get a suite where she meets Debbie, her roommate. With Debbie comes Eric, another abusive boyfriend. Teresa wants to help Debbie, but it seems there's never a right time to talk to her. Eric is always there. 

Anyway, the story continues with Jase and Teresa finally together after certain events happen. Only, not a day into their relationship publicly does Jase break it off running scared. 

Now, the rest is up to you to find out. I loved this book and loved the characters in it. 


Wait for you By J.Lynn

Some things are worth waiting for…
Travelling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten can escape an event that changed her life forever. All she needs to do is keep her head down – the one thing she didn’t plan on was capturing the attention of the only guy who could shatter her defences.
Cameron Hamilton is six feet and three inches of swoon-worthy hotness. She knows she needs to stay away from him, but Cam is everywhere, with his charm, his banter, and that dimple that's just so… so lickable. Getting involved with him is dangerous, but ignoring their simmering tension is impossible…
When Avery starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls, she realises that someone from her past is refusing to let her go. When the devastating truth comes out, will Cam be there to help her or will he be dragged down with her?

I read this a while ago and recently came across the third installment. For the life of me I couldn't remember the story, so I went back and read this one to jog my memory and ended up reading the whole series. 

Avery moved away to escape her home town and the horrible whispers that follow her. Her story is one about moving forward, letting the past go, but Avery can't do that. 
It isn't until she meets Cam that she realizes how much she's suffered by not being able to move on. In a way he shows her how to live, how to have fun and to feel safe.

There are funny moments in this book, the first one is involving Raphael the tortoise. 

I like how the relationship between Cam and Avery progresses, it's not one of those thrown at you that expect you to deal with how quickly they've gotten together, especially with her past experience.


To the author, 

you dealt what is a serious subject with care and wrote it beautifully. Writing about this certain subject must be horrible and I bow down to you for writing this story because you handled it well. You made sure we knew her pain without going into description, but we felt it, then the aftermath of her pain, it was all written perfectly. So well done. xx