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Monday, 10 July 2017

Endgame: An Ocean Bay Standalone By Chloe Walsh

My name is Mercy James, and I've always had a three-point plan:

•Get through senior year with the best possible grades.
•Get a full-ride scholarship through college. 
•Get the hell away from my irresponsible single mother. 

I didn’t think this was too much to ask for and I worked damn hard to make it a reality. 
For years, everything went according to plan. Sure, I was dragged through several different schools and towns since the age of ten by my emotionally stunted mother, but I was almost there, dammit. I was on the verge of starting senior year in high school and my final year of this plan…
Until my mother went and did the unthinkable!
She only went and got herself knocked up by a man who lives on the other side of the country! 
Worse than getting pregnant, mom married the douche. 
As if it wasn’t bad enough to uproot my entire life six weeks before senior year, Mom's new husband, Gabe Owens, comes with baggage. 
A sweet stepsister, Amelia. 
And the b*stard of all b*stards, Rourke. 
Rourke is my age and doesn’t want me in his town, much less his home. He's also hell bent on making sure I know it.
Thing is, I don’t want to be there either, and if Rourke Owens expects me to swan in and kiss his ass to make him like me, then he has another thing coming. 
I'm nobody's bitch and he's about to learn that.

Holy crap!!!

I couldn't put this book down. It has a fallen crest/Elite/The Royals series feel to it. 
More and more books like this are coming out, and you know, I've never gotten bored with one of them. 

I felt for Mercy, I really did. 
She was thrown into a situation where she had no choice of anything. She didn't get a say, or a who or what. 
And not only that, she's spent her whole life looking after her mother that she's fearful when her new husband gets bored of her, she will be the one left holding the baby her mum is carrying. 
And I can see why she's fears it. Her mum isn't the best mum whatsoever. 

And to top all those fears, she has to start a new school and live with her new step dads kids. One who is her age and hates her. 

But their relationship is a love/hate one. The chemistry is off the charts and the ending.... AMAZING. 


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Tame (Carter Kids #3) By Chloe Walsh

Noah and Teagan are back! 

Through prison sentences, misunderstandings, death threats and criminal encounters, Teagan and Noah have somehow managed to find their way back to each other. 

Traveling the country together, partying it up in hotel rooms, and causing drama wherever they go, the fiery couple are completely invested in making their fickle relationship work this time around. 

But with Noah’s career going from strength to strength, and catapulting him into the limelight, Teagan must learn how to cope with her long time love’s superstar status and the many women striving for his affections – not to mention a backroom team hellbent on pushing her out.

Nothing has ever come easily for the couple, yet little do they know that their toughest fight is lurking right around the corner…

OMG, with the drama and the cliff hanger at the end of book two, I couldn't WAIT to dive into this book.
I'm not shy when it comes to reviews. I will always write how I, MYSELF, felt during the book. Whether I liked it or not doesn't judge whether the book is good or not. Only YOU as a reader can decide that. 

That said, I really LOVED this book. It was the best out of all three books and I couldn't put it down. 
There was so many ups and downs with the couple but it was to be expected. A lot of time, betrayal, lies and pain has been shared between the two. It wasn't going to end over night. 

Teagan, went all out to prove her love and devotion to Noah. She really did. She wanted to show him she made a mistake, a big one, and one she wasn't going to make again. 
But his team make it so hard for her. They made her life hell and in the process they make her ill because of it, causing a wedge between her and Noah. 

This book has so many twist and turns, faces from their past and more hidden secrets revealed. 

I am so glad I stuck with this series because I really enjoyed this part of the book. I honestly can't wait to read more now. 


Thorn (Carter Kids #2) By Chloe Walsh

*Is it possible to love the one who broke you?*

A fighter with a chip on his shoulder.
A woman with a grudge to settle.

He is her greatest weakness.
She is his ultimate opponent.

He is the one person to break through her defenses.
She is the one person who can bring him to his knees. 

Thorn – when love and hate collide, it ignites a love affair to last a lifetime.

"The man who loved me was a fighter. He was dangerous, treacherous, and he called me his thorn. I was his strength and his weakness all rolled into one and he was mine. He was trained – bred – to play a pivotal part in an underworld concocted of violence and destruction. The question was, could I love him in spite of the danger he represented to my life? Could I love him in spite of the danger he represented to my soul?"

Noah and Teagan's fragile relationship never stood a chance – not with Noah's meddling stepsister and Teagan's overbearing uncle – not to mention Noah's aggressive ex, Reece, and the volatile criminal gang out for both their blood. 

Fast forward to seven years later, and, Noah fresh out of a prison cell, has taken the sports world by storm. He's the best. A fighter. The champ. Unattainable. Unbeatable. But none of that matters to Noah. All he wants is vindication and revenge on the woman who broke his heart and abandoned him when he needed her most – his Thorn.

Teagan has spent the last seven years licking her wounds in a backstreet flat in Cork City. Left reeling over Noah's actions that night, Teagan has spent years trying to piece her life back together, but the memory of what she saw that night continues to haunt her, making her bitter and cold. Desperate to move on from Noah once and for all, Teagan throws herself into a relationship with her first-love Liam, forcing herself to move on despite the protests of her heart. 

I was hesitant to read this book because of the blurb. I HATE love triangles. They annoy the hell out of me. The drama, the back and forth, it's a headache LOL
But, there's no love triangle in this book. Teagan doesn't move on with Liam. She doesn't push herself into a relationship either. They're literally friends with a business together. That said, towards the seven years, towards the present time in the book, Teagan does have ONE drunken one night stand with him. One she regrets and makes sure to tell him so and that she was sorry. Which ruined their friendship. 

The book basically starts off from where Treacherous ends. With Noah raped and left drugged in his room, after Teagan walks in on it. She does find out the truth but never once confronts herself on the fact she could have stopped it. That did surprise me. 

It goes through the years of Noah in prison, and Teagan's life back in Ireland. But... It really does continuously repeat itself over and over again. It got to the point I did have to skim over pages because I'd already read what was said before. 

However, before you think I HATED the book, I didn't. Around 80% the book got really good. It felt like the story for me had begun. It stopped dragging and got to the real action. 

Yes, Noah comes back for Teagan but both have changed, both have been scorned and neither are willing to admit to that. 
But it ends with a cliffhanger and it leaves us wondering just what will happen between the two. With Noah's life and his luck, it was always a 50/50 chance of shit hitting the fan. Or in Teagan's case, a bullet and a rose on her bed. 

So if you started this book and put it down for the reasons I mentioned above, pick it back up and read. This author is so talented. Her writing is exceptional. And although she did repeat the same things said over and over, and it did drag, it doesn't change that she's a pretty amazing writer. I even had the pleasure of meeting her at a signing this year and she's one of the nicest people I've ever met. She's wonderful. 

Make sure you keep at it... I promise, it gets soooooooo good. 


Always (Carter Kids #1.5) By Chloe Walsh

Jordan and Hope have been best friends their entire lives. A three year age gap never mattered to them – they always remained inseparable. 

Jordan spent his whole life protecting the little girl who called his father Uncle Derek, and Hope spent her whole life adoring the boy with the green eyes. 
From slumber parties to camping holidays the pair have always been together, enjoying each other's company, guiding one another. 

But then, at thirteen, Jordan's mother moved him back to his hometown of Addyson, his whole life, his future, was transformed. 

Taken away from his father, his hope, Jordan spent the next few years completely closed off.

When the time comes for Jordan to finally return to Thirteenth Street, Hope discovers something is very wrong...

First, I want to say, I didn't read this until I read the third book. I didn't see it. 
I read Treacherous, the first book in the Carter kids series when it was first released, so it's been a while. I think I should have read it before reading these to be honest, but I honestly thought I had remembered everything. 
Because I couldn't remember Jordan and Hope getting married. 

There is a warning to this book that says explicit scenes, but I honestly don't think it was necessary. There's not much in here that isn't written in the other three books. Which is why I was disappointed and confused to why it was written. The only thing that I felt was needed, which could have been written in the beginning of their future book, was a quick run through of how they fell in love and become a couple.

Because I do feel we didn't need a teaser, we are teased enough during the other two. But I will have to point out now, although this isn't in the other book, that I wish she'd be with Lucky. I really liked him. You'll meet him in Thorn.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Treacherous By Chloe Walsh

It has been over twenty years since Lee Bennett arrived at Thirteenth Street. 
In those two decades lives were lost, torn apart and altered forever. Now it's the next generation's turn as the kids of the Broken Series characters are about take over the street. 

Teagan Connolly, niece of Dixon and Moe, is a loud-mouthed Galway girl and set in her ways. When her uncle informs her they are moving to University Hill, Teagan is unimpressed to say the least. And when she meets her next-door neighbour sparks really begin to fly... 

Noah Messina has spent his whole life fighting. 
It's in his blood. 
It's in his breeding. 
His way out of a family he didn't choose to be a part of. 
Fighting is his only focus... 
Until Teagan walks into his life, and Noah realizes he's met the one woman who could alter his future... the one woman who could make him lose it all...

Teegan and Noah are kind of forbidden. He's in a family that has no morals, loyalty or compassion. He's forced into the life that he leads and he bleeds for it. Literally. 

When Teegan moves in next door, he can't get her from out of his mind, but the same can't be said for Teegan. She hates Noah and his step-sister. After Noah is caught oggling the new girl next door, his sister starts out her own revenge, and starts bullying Teegan. 
It takes for Noah to accidentally to break her cars front screen that Teegan finally explodes and ends up throwing paint all over Noah's expensive car. 

That's how fate brings them together. When Teegan finally realizes that Noah isn't the one who is pulling the pranks, the two become close. It's forbidden and when Noah's uncle finds out, Noah will have to pay the price. 

Secrets are out, and lies are told, but in the end Teegan does everything she can to try and help Noah and protect him. But there's only so much one person can do. Especially when she loses her uncle when she chooses Noah over him. 

The ending is.... OH MY GOD... the ending is seriously fucked up. I honestly didn't see it coming. In stead of going over to his best friends house after everything goes down, Noah stays at his house, where he is recovering. If only he stayed with his friends across the street. He wouldn't have lost anything. 

The only problem I had with the ending was the fact Teegan could SEE he wasn't there as such and she still went OTT over it all and assumed the worst. 

The ending leaves us with an agonising cliffhanger and I can't wait to read the next one in the series. 


Friday, 4 July 2014

Fall to pieces By Chloe Walsh

Kyle Carter was never going to be an easy man to love. Lee Bennett knew that from their very first encounter, but the secrets of his past have exploded in Lee's face putting an end to their explosive love affair. 
Pregnant and homeless, Lee must try to find a way to live side by side with the man who destroyed her. The very man she is still desperately in love with, but can never trust. 

But Kyle isn't about to give up on the girl he loves. Hell bent on winning Lee back, Kyle will stop at nothing in his quest. 
But even more tests, trials and tribulations face the pair, as Rachel's attempts at sabotaging Lee step up an explosive notch, and Camryn and Derek cause more harm than good in the house. And Kyle's brother Mike, is he truly looking for friendship, or has he an ulterior motive? Will they cope with impending parenthood? 

Kyle and Lee's romance continues in this spicy novel full of lies, deceit, anguish, sex and passion. 
Will Lee and Kyle finally get together, or will someone always get in their way. 

You'll see I rated the first novel in this series a 3* well you'll be glad to know this book got a lot better. Not with typos, spelling or grammar, but the story plot. I didn't drag on as much as I thought it was going to been the second book. 

There was something always going on, but its so much better. I cried my eyes out on a few scenes, because I am an emotional person when it comes to kids etc. 

Great ending, it was perfect. I thought Kyle was adorable. I was annoyed with Aspen for taking so long to make her mind up, then with her friend sleeping with Mike. It all got a bit out of control. 

But hey, authors want an honest review and that's what they get with me.

Break my fall (Broken#1) By Chloe Walsh

I was drunk but not drunk enough not to notice him. Good Lord, he was beautiful. Did boys like him really exist? I thought I might be imagining him. “You wanna have a shot with me, sweetheart?” He smiled crookedly and lifted the bottle up. The huskiness of his voice made him sound dangerous, yet he was soft spoken…an enigma. 

When eighteen year old Lee Bennett moves in with her childhood friend Camryn, the last person she thought she'd meet was Kyle Carter. Kyle is everything Lee's been warned to stay away from, yet everything she's drawn to. His boldness, flirtatious nature and jaw dropping good looks have Lee's head in a spin, and she cant seem to stay away. 
But the secrets of her past still haunt her, which makes her attraction to Kyle all the more scary... 
Kyle Carter can't keep his eyes off his hot new room-mate, or his hands. Lee is fresh and innocent, and everything Kyle knows he can't have. But that doesn't stop him from wanting her.The pressure of living together combined with the sizzling chemistry fuels their unstoppable liaison. 
Both know they shouldn't be together, yet can't bear to be apart. They fall into a twisted affair of love, passion and deceit. Kyle's on/off girlfriend Rachel has a hold on Kyle. She holds a dark secret of his past over him, that threatens to tear apart his relationship with Lee apart. The first girl he cared about. Lies, deceit, passion and first love fuel together in their tumultuous relationship. 
Can Kyle break free from the bonds that hold him to Rachel? Can Lee forgive the indiscretion and lies. And will Kyle Carter be the man who can break her fall?

Really going to give an honest review on this one. Before reading this review, please note that I NEVER give a review about typos, grammar, or spelling etc. No one is perfect. I know I'm not and have made these same mistakes in my own novels, but Chloe seriously needs to get an editor, or someone to read through because there was so many. You couldn't miss them, avoid them, or carry on reading. I found myself reading the same paragraph over and over again, until I had it making sense to me. It really did ruin the flow. I am sorry to say, but it ruined the book. 

Okay, now to the story plot. Really good. I found myself getting whiplash A LOT!! I know it's hard when you right a book to get readers to stay interested, so I know what Chloe was trying to achieve, but sometime I felt like the author would give Lee a break. 

Then there was Kyle. I loved him. BUT .... I don't get why he would let a woman pull him around by his dick over having a car crash, technically, that was her fault anyway. I never understood that part, at all. I just wanted to scream at him to wake the fuck up. 

That said .... the massive cliffhanger really, really, really bloody annoyed me. Although the author did a good job because I ended up buying the next installment LOL!!!