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Friday, 25 October 2013

This much is true by Katherine Owen

This much is true

Tally Landon looses her other half on Valentines day. Struggling with the loss of her twin sister from a car accident, she wonders why she was saved. she was the bad twin. wanting to forget about the heartbreak she goes off to one last party before college pretending to be someone else .... where she meets Lincoln Presley.

Lincoln Presley can not get the girl who he saved from a car accident on Valentines day. After weeks he tries to push the girl from his mind and so he can concentrate on baseball. 

Then at the party his cousins party, he sees her. Realizing she doesn't remember who he is, he is just thankful he finally gets to put a name to the face that has haunted his dreams..... accept she lied. 

After finally getting her to agree to wait for him, fame gets in there way separating them over and over again......

When i first started reading this book i thought WOW this is going to be good. Not knowing the book would drag like it did. 
I really did enjoy this book and had me shed tears on a few amounts. After giving up a baby i really thought deep down she would keep, she doesn't. It seemed like fate really didn't want them to be together so they both selfishly move on with there lives not caring about there own feelings or the others. 
I hated it when she got with her sisters boyfriend and thought them sleeping together on her grave was messed up but then i suppose the writer was trying to show how messed up the deaf of her sister really affected Tally. 
I just wish they had gotten together sooner, instead of dragging it out so long. 
Then finally Tally gets her daughter back, leaves her boyfriend and moves back to her home town where she can be close to people she loves. When she is met by Lincoln at the airport, I finally thought YES this is getting better, FINALLY, but then No it ended and i was frustrated. 
There are mixed reviews on this book that i read but this is my honest opinion on what i thought but its one of those books you either love or hate but me i am in-between. I loved it yet it frustrated me.