Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Changing courses (Wrecked and Ruined #1) By Aly Martinez

I met Sarah Kate Erickson when I was twenty-one years old. I was lucky enough to keep her for seven years before a tragic accident stole her from me. She didn’t die, but sometimes I think it would have been easier if she had. 

I lived in a haze for those four years after the accident. Catering to her every need, even though she hated the very sight of my face. I tried to hold on to her and the future that we were supposed to build together. But you can’t hold on to someone that doesn’t exist anymore. 

It wasn’t until I met Jesse Addison, a barista at the local coffee shop, that I realized I didn’t just lose Sarah that tragic night, I lost myself as well. Jesse taught me how to let go of the past and learn to love again. But what happens when your past haunts your present, and the woman you used to love refuses to accept the woman you can’t live without?

I read the second in the series Stolen Course first and I don't know if I'm remembering this correctly or not, but I felt like the two stories didn't add up. It says in Stolen course that Sarah tried to kill Jesse. (I will need to double check this) and in this book that isn't the case. I'm also sure she's in the hospital again in the beginning of Stolen course for another attempted suicide. I don't know. I should really check this up, but I haven't had time. 
That been said, that was the only problem I found found with the book. 
I loved Jesse and I do believe she put up with a lot from Brett. I felt like he didn't stand by her enough, even after he sees what Sarah is capable of. 

I liked his commitment to Sarah. His ex wife. When you say your vows you promise to love to cherish through sickness and in health. In this case he is still standing by her through sickness. Had the car accident not happened they would still be together. It changed Sarah, but Brett was determined to get her back, only it takes him four years to realize he lost her the night of the crash. 

The title says it all. Changing courses. Brett wanted a family, a woman he can love for eternity and although he had that with Sarah, his life course changed and took him to Jesse. It's a truly beautiful story. 

As much as I wanted to hate Sarah I couldn't. I really wanted her to be okay, not to hurt and there were a few times she brought me to tears. When she pleads for the pain to stop, wanting to know how it felt like to be happy, it really tore me up. Will definitely be reading the third book in the Wrecked and Ruined series.


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