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Twilight Saga series By Stephanie Meyer

Twilight By Stephanie Meyer

When Bella Swan moves to Forks to live with her father, she expects her life to be as dull as the weather. 
When Bella first starts school, she finds her new class mates making her center of attention. That is everyone Barr the Cullen's. 
The Cullen's are a family of adopted children living with the towns doctor.  
When Bella see's the youngest of the group she finds herself drawn to him. 
Arriving at her biology class Bella sits near the youngest Cullen - Edward- and even with his hostility making her feel self conscious she is still curious to know who he is.
 When Edward saves Bella from been crushed, Bella seeks out answers as to how and why. 
Edward has his reasons for protecting Bella from who he is but when her life is put in danger Bella finds out first hand as to why Edward tried to keep him and his families secret .......
Ok, No guessing for anyone to know i am a HUGE fan of the twilight saga. So please do not mistake the film to the book. 
Although all films are great nothing goes into great detail then what a book does. 
 I find it hard to not compare the characters to the actors, even though they play there parts perfectly. 

When i first read this novel i was screaming out for the next one, i just couldn't get enough. 
Even though i am a huge fan of Buffy the vampire slayer, Charmed, and Angel, the thought of reading books about it all sounded boring. This was up until Twilight. I can honestly say NO book has ever captured my imagination like this one has ever. I could identify with Bella and fell in love with Edwards charm and personality. No one could not read this book and not fall in love with him. 

I love the fact Stephanie kept the book modern, Keeping old traditions of Vampires out of the book; Like holy water, steak to the heart, set fire in the sun. The love element is huge and romantic but not in a corny way but in a real way. 
Stephanie imagination and writing skills truly made a work of art. 

New moon by Stephanie Meyer

Bella birthday approaches as she reaches another year older, another year towards becoming old. 
Alice Cullen decides to do Bella a Birthday get together at the Cullen's house, after reluctantly accepting Bella finds herself in the middle of one of Edwards worse nightmares. 
She has a minor paper cut, leaving Jasper the newest Cullen to the group to attack. 
Edward having his worst fears becoming reality he decides to leave Forks along with his family leaving Bella behind with nothing but memories. Leaving Bella distraught and reckless ......

Bella long time friendship with childhood friend Jacob Black becomes more than what she was looking for. 
Jacob Black has secrets of his own but when Bella is forced to choose between Jacob and Edward, who will she choose ? .......
Huge ass love triangle? check. Huge ass hot male alpha males ? check. That's right this book has got it all. 
Stephanie Meyers writing goes deeper in new moon, helping you come to grips with the different concepts of being in love. 
The heartbreak Bella goes through when Edward leaves is so painful, Stephanie brings out all the emotions clearly and it touches you like you are feeling it along with her.
The whole love triangle begun at the end of Twilight but doesn't go into depth until new moon. 
Jacob Black comes from the quileute tribe. A tribe of shape shifters. 
So when yet again Bella's life is in danger by an old enemy seeking revenge the quileutes magic kicks in leaving Jacob to go through the transformation of becoming a shape shifter. 
What's more when he finds out the legends he has been told his whole life are actually true he leaves Bella alone, and unprotected. 
 The whole book had me in suspense from start to finish but than it ended at the best cliff hanger in the world. I instantly went out to go and buy Eclipse.  

Eclipse By Stephanie Meyer

The story continues ..... With Victoria trying to find loop wholes to get to Bella. 
As the werewolves and The Cullen's agree to a truce to help protect Bella. They find
Bella is not just in Danger from Victoria, Victoria has built an army of New born's to help her get to Bella and revenge her mate James. 
The love triangle continues and Bella finally admits her love for Jacob but is it better now she knows ? 
She finally makes her decision choosing Edward who is her true mate. Can Bella and Jacob's friendship survive when he finds out she not only choose Edward but she choose to become one of them ......... 

This is another one of my favorite books. 
I fell in love with Edward all over again even though i was secretly rooting for Jacob. Love him. Not only that but Stephanie keeps the series realistic even with Vampire and Werewolves war going on around them. 
Her relationship with both Edward and Jacob is so beautifully written, you manage to feel what she feels for Jacob and how much she really did struggle with her decision not wanting to hurt him. 
Eclipse concentrates more on the love triangle, where as in twilight its all about her and Edward and how they become about, same with New moon and her relationship with Jacob. 
So when i finally got round to reading Eclipse i was hooked.
The book is full of drama, love, anger, pain, and pain but most of all i loved the tent scene. 
 When they hide Bella away the night before the fight, the weather becomes too much for Bella, so Jacob been the gentlemen and walking heater decides to help out by snuggling into her sleeping bag. 
'' Try to relax'' he suggests, you'll be warmer in a minute.'' he looked back at me. '' of course you'd warm up faster if you took your clothes off.''
I growled at Jacob, gripping the fabric of the tent floor in an attempt to hold my position. I was sure if i let go i would hurl myself at him.
''That's just a simple fact,'' he quipped, '' Survival one - oh - one.'' I wanted to tear that smile off of the insolent beasts face. 
Defiantly my favorite part of the book.  
Also i liked the fact Stephanie brought in the Cullen's Backgrounds. How we learnt how they become who they are. 
To everyone who enjoyed Eclipse then you will enjoy The short second life of Bree Tanner.
I really enjoyed this book. Its the view from the Newborn army. Where Bree Tanner finds herself struggling on becoming a vampire. 
This story brings you mystery, Love, and danger as the Newborn army closes in on Bella Swan and there coven. 

Then there was ...... 

Breaking Dawn By Stephanie Meyer 

Bella and Edward finally announce there engagement. Leaving Jacob running away from his friends and family. 
It isn't till their wedding day Jacob finally shows his face. Their Reunion was happy up until Jacob finds how Bella and Edward will be spending there honey moon. Finding out she will be having a real honeymoon, doing what real couples do makes him sick.
Jacob was sure the Cullen's were going to change Bella into one of them but when he finds out Bella will be spending her honey moon as a human, he looses his temper.
The story continues with Bella and Edward on there honeymoon not knowing the consequences of what was to become.......

I LOVED this book. 
Having more characters, More special vampires, and more brought into Breaking dawn was brilliant.
Renesmee name was another excellent idea. 
My imagination went wild with this book and i could picture every detail, down to Zaffrina powers. 
I loved how the book was split into three sections showing the different characters point of view.  when i found out the films was going to be split into two different parts i immediately knew where the story would end part one. 
so when i went to the cinema and they showed what i pictured i was ecstatic  Stephanie Meyer done a brilliant job with the series and i couldn't fault one of the books. 
My imagination was seriously in over drive after i read this and i was upset for it to come to an end. 
This book is more racier than the others and enthralling start to finish. 
So i am pleased to say this book was spectacular and no other book with Vampire or werewolves could come close to Twilight sage series. 
I would put the book into an all age category as i think any gender, age could relate to the book and enjoy the four novels. 

This is my opinion but go a head if you haven't already and read for yourself and be warned once that book is picked up its impossible to put it back down till it is read. 

Lisa x 

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