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Room for you (Cranberry Inn) By Beth Ehemann

Room for you (Cranberry Inn)

Kacie's world changed four years ago when her two twin daughters, Father walked out on their lives with no word. 
Kacie tried everything to fix her little family but there was always something missing, a father figure. 
This was until Brody came into their lives and into their hearts leaving Kacie running away from emotions and her future..... 
Room for you is an Adult romance, and let me tell you it was romantic. As a single mother myself i feel the insecurities just like Kacie does in the novel. It was easy to connect with the characters, only i wish some handsome, young, good man came knocking on my door. 

 Kacie went through some rough times and went through some pain when it comes to her X-boyfriend. I felt so deeply for her and admired how amazing she was, incredibly strong, fantastic mother. I loved her and it truly shows in this novel how a young mother can be mature enough to be a fantastic mom, so many people criticize young moms and i was glad to see this novel show how great us young moms could be. 

It was fun to read and i adored Kacie's girls, Piper and Lucy. I loved how Brody was with them, splashing in the puddles and my top favorite letting them paint his toes. 

To all my single mommies Brody Murphy is one book boyfriend you are going to wish was a real person. He is incredibly sweet to Kacie and her girls, he also is fantastic with Sophia and Fred. Honestly Beth really made him the perfect man, he was so sweet and romantic and also he loved his mom and wasn't afraid to show it. 
The one thing i did love most with Brody was how honest he was to Kacie. He told her the truth no matter how bad the answer was, he didn't play games and i loved that about him. 

I liked how they became friends first, even with the strong chemistry and didn't rush the story line making them fall in love straight away. 
 When Piper has her accident i was a blubbering mess, literally. i know only too well how accidents can happen with children, but what happened to Piper was heart stopping. As any mother, when your child is hurt you want to take their pain away. So when Kacie goes through that trauma, i was so happy she had Brody there. How he handled the whole situation and how he felt Piper and Kacie's pain so deeply, was incredible. 

Then we are left with the cliff hanger of an ending, and oh my god i went mad. 
I truly hope Kacie gives him, what for. 
Will be waiting for the next novel to be released and i am hoping Zac doesn't get in between Kacie and Brody. Fingers crossed for a happy ending. Everybody deserves one. 

Lisa x

Have you read this book ? what did you think ? if you haven't read Room for you then please go to Amazon and download your copy now. 

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