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Someone Unexpected By Ashley Blake

Packing up and moving to Miami after college was the best thing that Elena Sumner could have done. Trying to forget about an abusive ex-boyfriend who taunts her from prison, Elena throws herself into her job at Blu Sierra Miami, a luxury hotel. Meeting a man is the last thing on her list, she is career focused and knows what she wants. Until she meets him.
Billionaire Sebastian Blu is a tall, rich, gorgeous, playboy and owner of the Blu Sierra hotel chain who is used to getting what he wants. As one of the country's top ten most eligible bachelors, he literally has his pick of women and is seen with a different lady every night. No one has been able to capture his interest until he meets Elena. He is relentless in his pursuit of her and even though she tries to resist him, she fails.
Just when she thought she had met the perfect guy, their pasts get in the way of their happiness. She wonders if she will be able to accept the secret he was keeping from her all along. Read on for my review ......

I am in the middle with this book, torn between liking it and not really interested in it, as such. 
The characters were great and i loved reading about them but sometimes i found Elena contradicted herself too much during the book. I don't want to say i hate the book because i really don't i just didn't love it either. 
Elena is a fun character and at times i found she was really dull and also like a sheep. One minute she says no but then says yes, then she say she likes her clothes and she won't change them if he didn't like them but does anyway. So confusing to the readers. 
My biggest mind boggle was during the end when she finds out Sebastian's secret. One i didn't think it was something that should have been a secret in the first place it doesn't seem secret worthy. You should scream from the roof-tops if you have a child not keep him a secret. Two her reaction to it. She literally broke things off with him all over a child and not knowing her place but then when tragic circumstances cause his little boy to live with him she is back with him in a flash. I really thought WOW you changed your tune fast. One minute she was sat there basically saying her goodbyes and then he gets bad news and she is back on Sebastian train. 
It was a simple love story but the way they fall in love was too fast, quick and dull. There wasn't any connection, no speak of a spark or an interest other then they run the hotel and to me he didn't do anything swoon worthy just kept hidden.  

Another thing that i found the book could have spent more time with was the whole Brian scenario. He came in and then was arrested straight up. It would have been nice to read more action and drama going on not a two minute read in the novel. It needed to be dragged out, brought up to the service of the book. Not hidden in the depth of it so that you don't remember what the whole story is about. They started the book with a flash back of her and Brian so to me it should have been focused on that and built her and Sebastian love affair around it. 

This is just my opinion. Other then that i really loved the character and the writing was amazing. 

Lisa x 

Have you read Someone unexpected ? what did you think ? let us know and comment below ....

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