Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Give me Strength (Give me #2) By Kate McCarthy

Quinn Salisbury doesn’t think she’s cut out for this whole living thing. Even as a young girl she struggled. Just when she thinks she’s found a way to leave her violent past behind her, the only thing that’s kept her going is ripped away, leaving her damaged and heartbroken. 

Four years later, she is slowly rebuilding her life and lands a job as an assistant band manager to Jamieson, the hot new Australian act climbing their way to the top of the charts. There she meets Travis Valentine, the charismatic older brother of her boss, Mac. 

From his commanding charm to his confidence and passion, Travis is everything Quinn believes is too good for her, and despite her apprehension, she finds their attraction undeniable and intense. 

When her past resurfaces, it complicates their relationship. Instead of reaching out for help, Quinn pushes Travis away, until a staggering secret is revealed that leaves her fighting for her very life. 

Torn between running and opening her heart to the man determined to have her, can Quinn find the strength within herself to fight for her future?

This story is heartbreaking. Quinn has led such a hard life. She was brought up in a violent way, her mother not much of a mother at all. Just when she thinks she's found true happiness, it's gone in an instant, but even then, life gives her something live for, only to have that taken away in a second. 

You can see why Quinn is so hasty to let anyone in. She hasn't felt apart of anything other than friends with her crazy neighbor and best friend. 
After four years of grieving, of trying to move forward, Quinn finally gets a job with Jamieson.
The night before the interview, her crazy best friend drags her out to have some fun. Quinn, not used to what that is finds the whole things terrifying. When she finally finds the courage to walk up to the bar, to live a little, she meets Travis, Mac's brother. 
The two spend a night together, and expecting never to see him again, Quinn sneaks out in the morning, heading off to her interview. There is where things get complicated for Travis and Quinn. 

When Quinn's nightmare past returns she can do nothing but run, but running doesn't get her far when Travis is involved. Vowing to protect her he and the Jamieson band take her in. 

The story is one of the best I've read in a long while. Especially as I had never read from this author before the previous book in the series. I have to say, she is very talented and can't wait to read more from her. 
The whole book is full of anticipation, not knowing what will happen next. Defo one to read. Especially if you love an alpha male who takes charge. 


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