Monday, 28 October 2013

Sweet Home By Tillie Cole

Sweet Home By Tillie Cole

Molly Leaves her home life in England to move to university of Alabama, She has more to learn then she thought. 

Meeting Romeo Prince, quarter back of Alabama university turns Molly's world upside down ..... dramatically changing her life forever ...
I have read plenty of America's university romance novels but this one was by far one of the best. 
The connection between the two main characters is breath taking. From there very first meet to there very first kiss.
It had me hooked from the start but had me glued from there first kiss at initiation, hot dam. 
I always wanted to read a novel about someone from England moving to America. I loved it. 
It is one of those books that shows you money doesn't by happiness and only a person can bring you love, no matter there status, power or wealth. 
I was so sure Romeo and Molly were going to defeat his horrendous parents, i know in someway they do, but when Molly goes through another tremendous heartache, i felt so bad for her. 
I purely hated Romeos parents with a passion and loved Romeo from the beginning.
He come across as cocky and a player but the book never really shows you that side of him, they show you who he is with Molly, which made the book unique. 
Very highly recommend to readers who love a young love romance. I enjoyed it and didn't put it down till i was finished. 
Lisa x 

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