Monday, 18 November 2013

Infinite Possibilities By Lisa Renee Jones

Infinite Possibilities

Secrets and lies. They are everywhere: haunting her, tormenting her. In the midst of it all, he'd been her escape, her passion. The only person she'd trusted in six years. And then he'd made her doubt that trust, cutting her deeply. But as she'd once told him, she was damaged, not broken. She is ready to fight and not just for survival. She is fighting for the truth and she won't stop until she has it, not even for...him.

I have waited for this book for so long now. Ok i lie, only since July but still feel like i have been waiting a year. I really loved the first in the sequel The secret life of Amy Benson, so when i finally got to read Infinite Possibilities i was took back again by how brilliant the story is. It captivates you, grabs hold of you and consumes you till you have finished reading.
Never read a book like this before and it has me hooked, i want to know what happens next. 

My heart stopped a few times during this book and my heart broke for Amy when she looses another person in her life. 
 There was a few surprises in this book but i still feel we are left with more questions. There was only a few things that are revealed but like i said they left me asking more questions. But then i suppose if there wasn't anymore questions we want to know the answers to, we wouldn't be buying the next in the sequel to find out what happens, would we. 
 I cannot wait for the next in the sequel, then ending of Infinite Possibilities made sure of that. I think i am already in love with - guess who - and he only had the epilogue. It made me giggle because he was in the most horrific situation and he is there making rude comments. Also i really want to know who was there with him. God this is going to drive me insane until it comes out. 

As always Lisa Renee Jones will have you gripping the edge of your seat, biting your nails, and leave you with a book hangover when you've stayed up until 2 o'clock in the morning to finish reading it. Just saying. 
Its books like this and Kristen Ashley i wish they would make a movie out of them, they are just too good.

Have you read this book? what did you think ? buy now on Amazon kindle :) 

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