Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Amore Part 2 By Bella Jewel

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Second and final instalment in the thrilling romance series, Amore.

He told me to run. So I ran. 
It turns out just because you run from something, doesn’t mean it can’t find you.
He’s coming for me. 
He wants what I hold closest. 
He wants to lie, manipulate and use me. 
He wants me to betray him. 
Leader of the Italian Mafia. 
Love of my life. 
Father of my child. 
He’s going to make me do the unthinkable. 
There is no way out. 
I’m trapped and about to make the biggest mistake of my life. 
I’m running full throttle towards an oncoming train, and there isn’t a single thing I can do to stop it. 
I’m going to become what I was most afraid of. 
A monster.

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review...

So, after part ones explosion, I knew I had to read this as soon as possible. I LOVED it.

I couldn't put it down. I did have a few things I wish were added or more explained but I'm not the author, so it's not my say. Either way, she did an amazing job. I do think it could have been extended too. It was far too short for what was happening. 

That said, the Joker's Wrath MC and Marcus make an appearance. Hot damn I love those men. I hate knowing their series will end soon. 

Marcus' appearance is there for Juliette but he's also a friend of Raf's. He sees the pain and torment when no one else does. And when he offers her help??? SWOON!!!!

I loved the conclusion to the series and I really hope Bella Jewel writes more Mafia romance novels in the future. I don't want to say more on the book since it does ruin it for readers who haven't read it yet or not read the first one. But I can say it is totally worth the read. It's one you'll read again that's for sure. 


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